Alison Hammond breaks down as she addresses weight struggles Obesity is a disease

This Morning: Josie Gibson joins Alison Hammond as host

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This Morning hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary were joined by Deidre Sanders who spoke with callers who were detailing their troubled relationships with family relatives. One segment, however, triggered Alison as the caller spoke about fat-shaming and struggling to cope with their eating habits. 

As Deidre finished the call, Alison shared how it had affected her as she spoke about her own weight struggles,

Crying, she said: “I’ve had obesity all my life. Your regulation system is out of whack.

“You can’t control wanting to eat. A lot of people don’t realise obesity is a disease.

“I just think people look down on people because they’re so big and they can’t help it when you have a disease.

“You can’t actually help it,” she continued as Dermot reached out to hold her hand.

Alison added: “You want to eat and you want the bad things and you know you don’t look great.”

When Deidre asked what advice Alison would give the caller, she replied: “She needs help.

“NHS needs to see it more as a disease. People help people who are anorexic but they don’t help people who are overweight.

“That’s why they turn to surgery because they don’t know what to do.”

As Alison broke down in tears, she apologised: “I’m so sorry.”

She was comforted by Dermot and Deidre who cut This Morning to a break as Alison took a moment to regroup.

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