‘All I wants more time Deborah James breaks down in tears as she signs off final podcast

Deborah James tearfully signs off on her podcast

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Author, presenter and podcast host Deborah James has been inspiring and regularly updating her fans in recent months as she documents her ongoing battle with bowel cancer. On Tuesday, she joined BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Producer Mike for an episode of the podcast You, Me and the Big C in which she detailed how she’s coming to terms with the news active care has stopped and she’s now been moved to a hospice at home as the cancer has “stopped my body from working”. After admitting neither she nor doctors knew how long she had left, Deborah broke down in tears as she bid farewell to listeners for the last time.

After a candid 20-minute or so discussion with Producer Mike about coming to terms with the news, Deborah’s BBC co-star praised her for her bravery and branded her an “inspiration” for how she’s conducted herself through her journey.

The pair both ended up in tears as Producer Mike told Deborah to “go easy on yourself” and “you couldn’t have done any more” before passing to the Lorraine and This Morning regular for a final word.

“Well, thank you guys for everything,” Deborah tearfully began as she addressed the show’s fans and crew.

She continued: “For being partners in crime in the club that you never wanted to be part of and listening to You, Me and the Big C all the way. 

“And it’s been an absolute honour and a privilege to be part of it. 

“And thank you for all the energy, the enthusiasm, the feedback… the love that we’ve got from you. 

“And remember, there’s loads of episodes you can listen to on BBC Sounds or other podcast places and I suppose… that’s it from me,” Deborah went on before taking a breath.

Trying to keep her composure, she continued: “I can’t believe it. That is it from me.

“Which is a very sad thing to say but I’m pleased that I have, you know, that I can say it, and we’ll see each other again somewhere, somehow, dancing.”

Deborah implored listeners: “Until then, please, please, enjoy life because it is so precious. 

“I can’t tell you, it’s… All I want right now is more time and more life,” she said through tears.

But still one to get her message across and raise awareness, Deborah added: “And also check your poo, come on. I can’t leave on any other word than I suppose check your poo. 

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“I still have images of me dancing in poo outfits everywhere so maybe I should leave on that final word,” she concluded.

Earlier in the chat, Deborah detailed when she knew the harrowing “breakthrough” regarding her diagnosis occurred.

“The breakthrough came when I was moved into hospice care,” she told Producer Mike. “So things changed very quickly.

“You kind of meet a whole new team in the hospital, like a whole new palliative care team.

“And they sort of start putting wheels in motion and we’ve contacted the local hospice here in Woking because I’ve decided I want to be at my parents’.

“As much as I love London, I can’t even get up the steps to pee. So it wasn’t practical, my parents live in a bungalow, I can see greenery and my whole family can come here.

“It’s where I’ve always wanted to die, weirdly,” Deborah bravely admitted. “I’ve kind of always had that in my mind.”

You, Me and the Big C is available to listen to on BBC Sounds now.

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