All the Songs on the 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' Soundtrack, Because We Know You Want 'Em

The last of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before film trilogy is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see the finale to this Jenny Han YA masterpiece play out onscreen. High school’s coming to an end for Lara Jean, which means a huge life transition with some pretty big decisions ahead. And to help us all get through the motions of this emotional rollercoaster of a movie is another bomb soundtrack.

The To All the Boys movies’ soundtracks are some of the best in all of rom-com history, IMO. I mean, the first film basically turned “I Like Me Better” by Lauv into the song of summer 2018. And then P.S. I Still Love You featured BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love.” What more could you ask for?

This time around, they’ve put together another awesome playlist that doesn’t disappoint. And it features some unreleased and original songs people are going to get to hear for the very first time. (You can pre-save the entire soundtrack on Spotify here.)

“Beginning Middle End” by Leah Nobel

This is the first original track specifically written and composed for the movie. And the writer, Leah Nobel, has some pretty cool songs outside of the TATB universe, too.

“Run For Your Money” by The Greeting Committee

The vintage rock sound here definitely fits into Lara Jean’s whole vibe.

“Dream Girl” by Anna Of The North

This is giving me some major 2008 Lenka flashbacks (remember “The Show”?).

“On Fire Again” by FLETCHER

Another original song!

Eat Them Applesby Suzi Wu

This is the badass, rebellious, “Kill This Love” vibe.

“Beginning Middle End” by The Greeting Committee

The indie rock band gives their take on the original To All the Boys: Always and Forever track.

“Won’t Let Go” by Black Match

At this point, we’ve reached the mushy, sentimental, feeling all the feels part of the list. I’ll probably cry every time I listen to this.

“If The World Ended Tonight” by Jordan Suaste

This song was previously unreleased, but artist Jordan Suaste decided that this emotional ballad belonged on the TATB 3 soundtrack.

“Until We Leave The Ground” by Emmitt Fenn

Butterflies anyone?

“17” by The Greeting Committee

This one’s an angsty song that perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of LJ and Peter’s relationship.

“Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)” by Blossoms

Another bop with a retro sound that is somehow very New York. I mean, it does kind of allude to how Lara Jean accidentally falls in love with the city.

“In My Head” by Peter Manos

This movie serves as a turning point for all of the characters’ lives as they make their way through college applications and decide on universities, so a song about feeling things and people changing is definitely appropriate.

“Unsung Songs” by Ages and Ages

This track captures a moment of clarity, and drops some sage words of wisdom.

“The Same” by Ashe

If I could do prom over in the year 2021, would 10/10 ask the DJ to put this song on. This is also one of the originals written specifically for the film.

“Beginning Middle End (Always And Forever Mix)” by Leah Nobel

A fun twist on the song that plays literally in the beginning, middle, and end of this entire soundtrack.

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