Amanda Holden meets cousin for first time as DNA Journey fans spot awkward gaffe

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Amanda Holden met a family member she never knew existed on this week’s DNA Journey, when she was introduced to her third cousin Linda.

Unfortunately, certain viewers picked up on an awkward blunder in the introduction, when Linda mistakenly thought Alan Carr was her cousin.

Comedian Alan had joined Amanda on the evening out, and Linda’s face fell when she realised she wasn’t related to Alan.

Taking to Twitter, viewers picked up on the awkward moment, with one even suggesting Amanda was third-wheeling their evening out.

Historians and genealogists tracked down Amanda's distant family members, discovering the Britain's Got Talent judge comes from a long line of animal lovers.

During the evening, her cousin Linda revealed she was a vegan and works at running her own sanctuary for animals.

Linda invited Alan to come visit her animal sanctuary some time in the future, but didn't extend the invitation to Amanda – something viewers also picked up on.

One said: "I love the fact that woman was excited to see Alan Carr, then found out she was related to Amanda Holden and was so disappointed. Then invited Alan to visit her without a glance in Amanda's direction."

"She's absolutely gutted she's not related to Alan," wrote a second.

"Amanda getting third wheeled by her own cousin is absolutely golden," a third remarked, and a fourth chimed: "Linda wanted Alan for a cousin. She was almost besotted with him!!"

Near the end of their evening out, Alan cracked a joke about the awkward mishap, hinting Linda had been disappointed by the outcome of the evening.

Turning to Amanda, he said: "I wish I was related to you."

Before adding: "I'm the only person you’ve met who wants to be related to you."

DNA Journey continues next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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