Amanda Holden’s ‘arrogant’ Eurovision language joke in TV speech sparks fury

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Eurovision presenter Amanda Holden delivered the UK's points during the 2021 song contest, whilst Graham Norton did the narration.

However, as Amanda, 50, delivered the jury votes, she sparked backlash from viewers as she made a language joke on camera.

Appearing in a show-stopping purple feathered gown, Amanda kicked things off by saying: "Bon Soir. Goedenavond.

"That is good evening in French and Dutch although I've got absolutely no idea which is which.

"This is London calling. What a fantastic show this evening.

“I am Amanda Holden – I love Eurovision.

"The drama, the excitement, and all the wildly over-the-top outfits – and that's just me."

However, despite Amanda's enthusiastic starting speech, viewers at home were left unimpressed with her statement as they took to social media to share their views.

Actor Tristan Gemmill wrote: "The lowlight of the evening wasn’t the nul points, but Amanda Holden demonstrating perfectly why Europe thinks we’re an arrogant nation with a grossly overrated sense of our own importance, and why no one will ever vote for us.

"What a staggering misread of an audience that was."

Other viewers seemed to agree with Tristan, with one writing: "Amanda Holden – an absolute embarrassment with her arrogance whilst representing the UK on Eurovision.

"That's exactly why nobody likes us."

Another added: "#NilPoints for UK and Amanda Holden thinking it funny to say she doesn’t know difference between French and Dutch #Embarrassing."

A third chipped in: "If anyone wonders why the UK get zero points, its because we send Amanda Holden with her 'French / Dutch, don't know the difference' remarks. Embarrassing."

A fourth said: "Oh cheers for that Amanda Holden, really helping us with the pariah status."

Meanwhile, Amanda stole the show with her bright purple figure-hugging feather dress to present the votes.

Fans quickly rushed to comment on Amanda's flamboyant choice of outfit for the event, with one saying: "Bloody hell Amanda looks amazing."

Another added: "What is Amanda Holden wearing?"

A third person posted: "Amanda is making the most of her moment."

A fourth said: "Amanda is all the feathers and I’m living for it," while a fifth agreed: "Just when you think you couldn’t love @AmandaHolden enough!"

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