American Horror Story hints at Scream Queens crossover amid fans’ shared universe theories – The Sun

RYAN Murphy is the mind behind both American Horror Story and Scream Queens, so perhaps some degree of crossover was inevitable.

The TV boss is known for his love of self-referencing, with every series of AHS existing along a shared timeline, despite the anthology format meaning new characters and themes every year.

Murphy is also partial to recycling his favourite stars, as was the case with Scream Queens, where AHS staples Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd were cast in lead roles.

Scream Queens may have only run for two seasons, but Murphy has teased a possible revival on more than one occasion.

In the meantime, fans have been drawing parallels between the two shows, particularly around the notion of them existing in a shared universe.

The first clue comes in the form of a recurring surname – St Pierre.


In season 1, episode 10 of Scream Queens, titled Thanksgiving, Chanel visits the Radwell family, where she is introduced to Muffy St Pierre-Radwell.

Sound familiar? In American Horror Story’s eighth season, Apocalypse, Grossman plays a character called Coco St. Pierre-Vanderbilt, a double barrel variation on the name.

Coco plays the billionaire heiress to the St Pierre dynasty, who much like in Scream Queens, are members of high society.

Both shows take place within the Obama era, so the timeline for such a crossover adds up too.

Elsewhere, Scream Queens and AHS even share costumes.

In season 3, Coven, Kyle (Evan Peters) is part of the fraternity Kappa Lambda Gamma.

Meanwhile in Scream Queens, one of Wallace University’s fraternities sees the actors dressed in the very same shirts.

A shared fraternity could be another example of the shows existing in a shared universe.

Then there’s the fact that the promo pics for season 2 of Scream Queens and season 6 of AHS, Roanoke, both feature individuals sporting a scar in the shape of a question mark.

Could a common villain appear in both shows? Only time will tell…

The theory comes after American Horror Story was renewed for three more seasons.

American Horror Story is expected to air on FOX later this year.

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