American Idol contestant Funke Lagoke rushed to hospital after collapsing on stage 'terrifying' both fans and judges

AMERICAN Idol contestant Funke Lagoke was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on stage during tonight’s Hollywood Week round. 

The singer was joined by her duets partner, Ronda Felton, as judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan provided constructive feedback from their rendition of Tell Him by Barbara Streisand.

Music legend Lionel, delivered the unfortunate news that their lack of confidence made the performance “crash and burn.”

As he was finishing up his thoughts, Funke fell HARD straight to the floor face first. 

The judges were stunned with Luke and Katy’s jaw dropping to the floor as Lionel immediately rushed over to help. 

Luke joined him on stage as emergency medical personnel swarmed Funke and delicately turned her on her back. 

“Wow, she completely busted her chin open,” country crooner Luke said with a nervous facial expression. 

As all three judges and her concerned singing partner, Ronda, sat with her to make sure she is okay, paramedics loaded Funke onto a stretcher to take her into the hospital. 

The 2019 Miss Nigeria USA pageant was treated for her injuries – which included stitches – and made a full recovery. 

“Funke was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital. She will return for the showstopper round,” a statement from the show read.

After Funke was taken to the hospital, the judges comforted her partner Ronda, who was still in tears over the scary incident. 

Lionel then picked up where he left off in the deliberation, telling Ronda: “I was about to deliver some news so I thought I should deliver it to you. 

“What I was going to say is, we both feel you two deserve to go through. So congratulations!

“I know that was traumatic. But we are here for you and we’re family.”

A tearful Ronda was still visibly upset, responding: “It’s absolutely amazing news but I can’t say I’m happy in this moment. 

“I just am worried about her health, that’s the number one thing. I just want her to know I care about her and I want her to be okay.”

American Idol fans were just as shaken up about the incident, with some even saying the fall made them “jump.”

One person tweeted: “That fall was scary. My heart was racing like crazy!”

“Holy HELL!!! They way Funke hit the floor on #AmericanIdol … that legit scared me. I really hope she is okay,” another exclaimed. 

“That fall was so unexpected, it actually scared me,” a third watcher expressed.

While a fourth upset fan said: “I’m in tears watching that girl fall and smash her face on #AmericanIdol . Dang I'm sick inside. They work them too damn hard.”

Also on tonight’s episode was Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, Claudia, who did NOT make it through to the next round despite garnering lots of buzz for appearing on the show. 

The 16-year-old was eliminated tonight but Katy, 36, gushed she “applauds” her for “taking control of her own life.”

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