American Vandal creators explain how The Jinx and Serial inspired season 2

The true crime spoof series American Vandal is back for a second season, and where the characters tried to find out who drew the dicks in season one, this time they are chasing… the Turd Burglar!

It’s not just the perpetrator that’s different this time around, but the format of the show, this time cherry picked from some of the true crime documentaries that we’ve all been obsessing over lately.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda said: “We wanted to do something different, something darker, something that drew from The Jinx and Errol Morris.”

Yacenda continues: “I think a lot of it has to do with structure, actually, and storytelling. You know the major facts of the case for season one halfway through the first episode, and you’re just analyzing it from different people’s perspectives, kind of like what they did with Serial.

“So basically the distinction is, instead of putting all of the facts of the case up front and analyzing it, they’re rationing these turning points and making it more of a cinematic story.”

He adds: “In season one, we literally have Peter outline, ‘Here’s what we know’. Peter the character is rationing the story points in a more complex way in season two.

If you want the short version, the creators “wanted to have fun with some of those tropes in season two and make it like the darkest, most cinematic version of a poop crime possible”.

American Vandal season two arrives on Netflix on September 14.

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