American Vandal season 3: Release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

Note: contains spoilers for seasons one and two of American Vandal

First we had the dick drawings, and then we had the Turd Burglar.

American Vandal shouldn’t work, but it does. The true-crime satire, which follows amateur investigators Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) as they deep dive into the murky goings-on at various American high schools has amassed a legion of loyal fans and received critical acclaim – the perfect breeding ground for a third series, and notably impressive for a show that deals in dick jokes and poo drama.

Fans are already desperate to know if show creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda are going to give us more of the same, but as it stands there’s very little to go on.

Here’s everything we know about season 3 so far.

American Vandal season 3 release date: When will it be on?

Netflix haven’t yet announced whether there’s going to be a third season, but if it is greenlit you should expect it to land around this time next year. Seasons one and two were released exactly a year apart, and the second season was given the go-ahead in October last year, just a few weeks after the first hit our screens.

So history dictates that the announcement should be coming pretty soon – deep breaths, everyone – and if all goes well, the third season should arrive in September 2019.

American Vandal season 3 cast: Who’s coming back?

The only two characters who have remained a fixed part of the show are Tyler Alvarez as Peter and Griffin Gluck as Sam. As for the rest of the cast, it remains a complete mystery at this point.

The beauty of this mockumentary series is that while it stays true to its formula – a crime has been committed and there’s a culprit that needs bringing down –we are also introduced to myriad new faces and agendas, keeping the show both familiar and fresh.

American Vandal season 3 plot: How does season 2 set it up?

American Vandal is strictly anti-cliffhanger. At the end of seasons one and two, the crimes are solved and the perpetrators brought to justice – Dylan Maxwell was outed as the dick-drawer, and Grayson Wentz is revealed as the Turd Burglar.

But most significantly (and this is what really distinguishes American Vandal as a cut above the rest), the narrative imparts a profound truth that speaks to the younger members of its audience in a way that few other shows have ever managed to do. Essentially, being a teenager in the current social and technological climate is hard work – and American Vandal gets it.

It’s a winning formula that we’d expect a third season to stick with, which means a new setting, potentially a university rather than a school. The Turd Burglar was the pair’s ‘senior project’, which indicates that they will be moving on to pastures new.

And of course, a new crime (seriously, what’s next?) and a host of new faces. The possibilities are endless.

American Vandal season 3 trailer: When’s it landing?

Like we said, if season three is on its way, we should find out imminently, and by that we mean in the next few weeks – if we get to the end of October and we haven’t heard anything then yes, you’d be forgiven for writing an angry tweet (or five).

So in the meantime, let’s relive this moment of pure comedy genius from season one, lest we forget the ball hairs.

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