Amy Adams Could Go From Playing Lois Lane to a Marvel Superhero

Now that stars like Joaquin Phoenix and Laura Dern finally have their Oscars, fans can agree it’s Amy Adams’ turn. The actress has been nominated several times in the past. And she’s delivered poignant turns in the 2016 movie Arrival and TV’s Sharp Objects.

In fact, Adams has done so much it’s easy to forget she’s played Lois Lane in three DC Extended Universe movies. With her DCEU future unclear, Adams could trade one comic book universe for another. Could Adams headline an upcoming Marvel movie?

Amy Adams plays Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe

The actress made her DCEU debut in 2013’s Man of Steel. As the investigative reporter for the Daily Planet, her Lois Lane brought a much-needed update to the character. So often, Lois is the damsel in distress. And she is traditionally clueless to Superman’s (Henry Cavill) true identity.

But Man of Steel changed that. Instead, Adams’ Lois is far more integral to Clark Kent’s journey. She’s much more active in driving both that film and 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Had director Zack Snyder’s original vision remained on track, Adams’ Lois would have actually been the key to Superman’s entire story.

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The beloved actress might be up for a major Marvel character

But regardless of how much she brings to Lois Lane, Adams has never had the opportunity to lead a comic book movie herself. Now, according to Variety, the six-time Oscar nominee might star in a mysterious Marvel movie at Sony. Beginning with 2018’s Venom, the studio has begun building its Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

Sony has the movie rights to Spider-Man and associated characters. And this project — directed by S.J. Clarkson (Succession) — will center on Madame Web, according to rumors. A supporting character in Spider-Man stories, she is often depicted as an elderly woman who relies more on clairvoyance and telepathy than physical combat.

The movie is still very early in its development, however. Clarkson has not secured a writer or star for the movie. And it’s possible the movie is based on another character entirely. But the report claims it is definitely the first female-led movie in the SPUMC. Other possible lead characters include Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Spider-Woman.

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Does this mean fans have seen the end of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane?

But if Adams does take on a Marvel role, some fans may wonder what this would mean for her DCEU run. In 2020, she said she could return as Lois Lane in future installments. However, the franchise, Adams said, was heading in a different direction.

Of course, that sentiment preceded recent news that Warner Bros. will complete the Justice League Snyder cut. The 2017 movie is Adams’ most recent foray into the DCEU. And if the new version makes significant changes, it could lead to a more direct follow-up.

With Snyder’s Justice League on the way, the DCEU could make an effort to get Cavill’s Superman — and, by extension, Adams’ Lois Lane — back onboard. Fans have long wanted a Man of Steel sequel. So perhaps we haven’t seen the last of this version of Lois Lane after all.

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