Anne Boleyn season 2: Will there be another series?

Anne Boleyn: Jodie Turner-Smith stars in Channel 5 trailer

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Anne Boleyn has proven to be a popular but controversial series. Marred by criticism over its casting choices, the Channel 5 show has amassed a host of fans regardless. With the finale airing tonight (June 3), will viewers see a season two?

Will there be a second series of Anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn was devised to be a three-part mini-series by Channel 5, telling the story of Anne’s last days.

Due to the show being a limited series and the fact Anne Boleyn died in real history, it is very unlikely the show will receive a second season.

However, Channel 5 have not made any comments regarding the status of the show, leaving the possibility there.

The future of the show will be determined by tonight’s episode (June 3) as if the show sticks to the real history it is based on, a second season would be impossible.

Despite this, the show could continue as a prequel, telling the story of the earlier years Anne Boleyn’s life.

One of the main deciding factors on any potential continuation of the series will be the critical and commercial reception to the show.

So far, the series has received a mixed reception, with much of the discussion surrounding the series being based on the casting and historical accuracy of the show.

At the centre of the controversy is actress Jodie Turner-Smith, who was cast as Anne Boleyn as an example of colour-blind casting, previously seen in Bridgerton.

Recently Turner-Smith spoke with The Guardian regarding the backlash to her casting and offered her opinion of the criticism.

She said: ”If anything, recent times have shown us that we’re not beyond that in any way. So I was not shocked or surprised.

“I will say that over the last four years there has been a wave of extreme rightwing ideas and that individuals are very vocal on social media in their limited ways of thinking.”

Despite a certain level of viewer backlash, critics have praised Turner-Smith’s portrayal of the historical figure.

However, they have found fault with the show in other regards, with the Telegraph calling it “really quite bad” and its script “leaden”.

The Independent have been similarly critical of the show, saying that it’s “debatable whether the series as a whole truly adds anything new” to the historical tale.

The series has been directed by Lynsey Miller, best known for her work on Deadwater Fell, Eve and Doctors.

The writing credit goes to Eve Hedderwick Turner who is a recent newcomer with two previous credits for the shorts PowerFem and The Fig Tree.

Fans have been sharing their opinions on the show and the casting on Twitter, with the series proving to be very polarising.

One fan said: “I bow to Queen @MissJodie loved the portrayal of Queen Anne Boleyn in episode one just now. We saw Anne’s sharp tongue, rashness, temper, caring and charitable side. A very fair portrayal in my view. Looking forward to the next two episodes.””

Another fan added: “If Anne Boleyn was black how come toddler Elizabeth was portrayed how she normally is and not as the daughter of mixed parents???  #leavehistoryasitwas.”

A third said: “I was hoping that Meghan Markle would have played Anne Boleyn, as she love’s the Royals so much!”

Anne Boleyn is available to watch on Channel 5 and My 5.

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