Are you a father? Valerie from Cornwall rips apart Owen Jones on Queen criticism on Vine

Owen Jones in fiery clash with viewer over Queen criticism

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Owen Jones and Mike Parry joined Thursday’s Vine on 5 and gave their opinions on the Queen’s decision to be walked into Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip’s memorial by son Prince Andrew. Caller Valerie hit out at Owen as she disagreed with his criticism of Her Majesty.

Owen remarked Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffrey Epstein could “not be put to one side”.

“It’s so serious,” he commented. “Of course the Queen is a mother but she is also our Head of State.”

Valeria hit back: “Yes but Owen are you a mother or a father?

“You’re not a father are you?”

“Why is that relevant?” Owen asked. “I’m a subject of the Queen. She’s my Head of State.

“I didn’t choose that but she is. She’s a symbol of my nation.

“I’m a British subject and I have the right to say I think my Head of State walking arm in arm it someone who is  associated with someone who is a paedophile is wrong.”

Valerie snapped back: “I don’t think you do. I don’t think you do.”


Owen laughed: “Valerie, I heard the dog whistle but I don’t understand what the point here is because I am a British subject and I think in a democracy we’re able to critique what our Head of State does even if we don’t elect them.”

More to follow…

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