Arrested Development Season 5B Trailer: Did Buster Kill Lucille II?

Amid speculation that the end is nigh for Arrested Development, a new trailer teasing Season 5’s remaining episodes addresses the buzz head-on, declaring, “It’s not over ’til we say it’s over.”

As previously reported, the odds are not in Arrested Development‘s favor to return for a sixth season (particularly in the wake of that disastrous New York Times piece). “I’ve learned to say ‘Never say never,’” co-star David Cross recently remarked, “but I can’t see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons.”

The aforementioned trailer for the second half of Season 5 (all eight episodes drop on Friday, March 15) features the return of fan-favorite characters (Gene Parmesan!), beloved disguises (Mrs. Featherbottom!) and a new prosthetic limb for murder suspect Buster. The motherboy is poised to stand trial for the murder of Lucille Austero (formerly played by Liza Minnelli). Whether or not he’s guilty is unknown, though he does appear to play a hand (no pun intended) in the disposal of the body (as seen at the 0:44 mark).

Of course, that could be a misdirect. Other potential misdirects include the complete absence of Portia de Rossi’s Lindsay (whose few scenes in Season 5A were notoriously shot in front of a green screen before the character disappeared), as well as Ben Stiller’s Tony Wonder, who may or may not be dead following a magic trick gone horribly wrong.

Press PLAY on the Season 5B trailer above, then hit the comments with your reactions!

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