Audrey Roloff admits she ‘backed out of writing third book’ after being slammed for 'pretending to be a marriage pro'

LITTLE People Big World star Audrey Roloff has opened up about "backing out" of writing her third book.

It comes after the 29-year-old was slammed for "profiting off" her marriage as social media users shamed her for pretending to be a marriage expert.

Audrey, who is married to Jeremy Roloff, 30, recently promoted her new book about relationships and marriage on Instagram.

But the star has revealed she won't be writing a third title, despite fans anticipation and admitting they are ready to "preorder it".

"When are you going to write that Always More book?" one follower had asked as part of a social media Q&A session. "I'm ready to preorder it."

Mom-of-two Audrey responded: "You're probably not gonna like this response but I actually backed out of writing that book.

"We were under contract for 3 books with our publisher BEFORE we had kids, after starting to write the second we realised we needed to get out of writing the third."

The reality star added the couple had the hope to "write more books down the road in a different season of life."

It comes after Audrey was slammed for "running her marriage like a business" by trolls in her Instagram comments.

The star was forced to clap back and insisted she’s not “profiting off” her marriage following her relationship book's release.

The glamorous couple shared a few behind the scenes snaps as they recorded their podcast and showed off their “marriage mission statement.”

Underneath Audrey’s photographic post, she invited her 1.4million Instagram followers to share their thoughts on approaching a relationship like a business. 

The responses were mixed with many thinking it was a great idea and others questioning the need for such a concept. 

One of her followers slammed the process, writing: “No because we don’t run our marriage as a business…”

Audrey politely replied, asking: “have you ever thought about your marriage having a greater purpose beyond itself?”

To which the follower questioned: “greater purpose like profiting off it? No.”

“No. Not like profiting off it,” Audrey hurriedly replied. 

The 29-year-old seemed to realise she wasn’t going to bring the follower over to her way of thinking and left to answer some other, more positive questioning.

Audrey, who is married to Little People, Big World star Jeremy, 30, regularly gets criticized by fans for her views, parenting advice and marriage.

Viewers of the show have expressed that Audrey and Jeremy's marriage reads as "forced," as the pair tells long "anecdotes" about their relationship.

The star recently posted a video dancing with Jacob in the kitchen and a second from their wedding night.

In a lengthy caption, the mom of two revealed that she wants to be more "intentional" about creating "cheesy" moments with her beloved.

Many of Audrey's followers were not pleased by the sentiment, as they felt that her desire to be "intentional" is a forced interpretation of love.

One commented: “Also shouldn’t a love story be more natural? Not a bunch of forced events strung together.”

Others called the young wife “annoying and pretentious,” and always “trying way too hard.”

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