Avengers: Infinity War directors The Russo brothers tell fans to stay off internet

Unless you’ve been floating in a huge space-chair while scheming up dastardly plans in your giant purple head, then you’ll know that Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas this week (26 April).

And while the internet has plenty of Avengers: Infinity War trailers and TV spots to devour –plus features on what you need to remember ahead of watching it or guides on how to watch the MCU back catalogue in the correct order in preparation – the film’s directors, The Russo Brothers, have different ideas.

Taking to Twitter, the directing duo posted a letter to fans advising them on how to avoid spoilers along with the letter clutched by the Infinity gauntlet.

They wrote:

“To the greatest fans in the world,

“Tonight, at our premiere in Los Angeles, we are screening Avengers: Infinity War in its entirety for the first time ever. If you truly want to avoid all spoilers until you see the film, we recommend you abstain from social media, and the internet in general, unless you have an opportunity to get to the theatre.

“As always, good luck and happy viewing.”

That’s all well and good, but what if your job is based on the internet writing about every single Avengers: Infinity War detail, eh Russo Brothers? What then? WHAT THEN!?

Despite their warnings, Marvel already issued a TV spot that drops a massive hint about the fate of one of the movie’s characters (seriously, don’t click if you don’t want spoilers).

Meanwhile the directors have previously warned fans about keeping the movie’s secrets, especially Tom Holland who has a habit of accidentally letting everything slip.

Last year, Thor: Ragnarok was blighted by a host of spoilers as The Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, accidentally live-streamed the movie for TEN MINUTES. Then Chris Hemsworth got annoyed with one interviewer, after he repeatedly spoiled one of the movie’s biggest plot points.

Avengers: Infinity War is released on April 27 in the UK and May 4 in the US. Book tickets now.

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