Avengers: Infinity War's Tom Hiddleston talks about Loki's future in the MCU

Avengers: Infinity War is so close now we can almost smell it, and soon the secrets of who will survive and what will be left of them will be revealed. Theories are flying around the internet about the fate of some of our favourite heroes, in all shapes and forms.

Now talking toScreenrant, Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki has his own ideas about the arc of his anti-hero.


When asked what he thinks Loki should conquer next, Hiddleston said:

“His own mind, I think. Actually, what has been revealed to me through playing him is that all these motivations were actually misguided. Needing to be king, needing the love of his father.

“And actually, it’s something in himself, this kind of self-rejection or self-disgust that he hasn’t fully realised. He hasn’t just relaxed into it.

“I always think I just want to tell Loki to calm down and, you know, let’s go for a pizza and tell me everything and I’ll listen patiently. But yeah, I think he’s not in control of his own mind.”

Fans have theorised that Loki could be one of the first to bite the bullet, but that he’ll get a chance of redemption before that happens.

He’s been both a villain and an ally throughout the movies and he’s a big favourite with fans – so if the end is nigh, we’re hoping he gets his moment in the light before heading into that good night.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in UK cinemas on April 26, it comes to the US on April 27.

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