BBC News: ‘Extraordinary’ Dan Walker confession leaves Louise Minchin speechless

BBC Breakfast enjoyed a normal round of news and features this morning as Dan Walker and Louise Minchin hosted the show once again.

Viewers were treated to a huge change-up in the show this morning, however, as the duo presented some rogue footage supposedly taken from the upcoming James Bond film.

While the film is still surrounded in secrecy, the pair showed off footage of an Aston Martin speeding around the streets of Italy.

Although it looked a little unimpressive at the time, Dan said: “I’m sure it’ll be snazzier when it’s finished.”

He then went on to speak about what he would like to do if he were to join a James Bond film.

He said: “I’d like to be the person who has to jump out of the way of a car.”

A little perplexed, Louise replied: “Would you? I’m sure they’ve got space for you, Dan.”

But Dan wasn’t finished, as he then confessed: “I’ve always wanted to be shot in a film.”

Louise was utterly stunned, as Dan continued: “I don’t know why.

“I’d love to be shot – just get shot really early in the film.”

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I’d like to be the person who has to jump out of the way of a car

Dan Walker

Smirking at the entire conversation, Louise simply retorted: “Wow, what an extraordinary thing…”

But Dan couldn’t help but continue his explanation, as he went on: “Just an early gunshot wound. It’s a good claim to fame, isn’t it?”

Louise was eager to move on, so she looked over to sports reporter Holly Hamilton and said: “Morning Holly…”

Yesterday’s edition of BBC Breakfast saw the presenter duo in fits of laughter after an unexpected interruption.

Whilst discussing a news segment about a woman who had sailed across the world, Dan started: “That’s Jan Socrates, who is the oldest person on the planet-“

But Louise jumped in to announce: “And I could have spoken to her for ages!”

Dan couldn’t help but laugh as he realised what he had said, before explaining: “I haven’t finished that sentence!

“She’s not the oldest person on the planet. Let me get this correct! She’s the oldest person on the planet to sail around the world on her own unassisted.”

Dan added: “That’s an awkward interruption, isn’t it!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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