BBC pulls Human Planet from Netflix following faked scenes being exposed

The BBC has pulled 2011 documentary series Human Planet from Netflix, Amazon and all broadcasters following faked scenes being exposed.

Earlier this month, it admitted to a breach of editorial policy concerning a sequence about the Korowai tribe building a tree house, which it turned out was not intended to be a home for them.

And now there has been a further editorial breach concerning the first episode, which reportedly saw a Lamaleran whale hunter harpooning a whale that has proven to be false.

“On review, the BBC does not consider that the portrayal of his role is accurate, although the sequence does reflect how they hunt whales,” the BBC said in a statement to Digital Spy.

“The BBC has decided to withdraw Human Planet from distribution for a full editorial review. Since this programme was broadcast in 2011, we have strengthened our training for the BBC’s Natural History Unit in editorial guidelines, standards and values.”

It means that pending the full review and its outcome, Human Planet has been withdrawn from streaming platforms and any broadcasters worldwide, which is around 25, although some are almost at the end of their licensing terms.

The BBC has previously admitted that another episode of Human Planet breached editorial standards in a story of how an infant camel had been killed by wolves.

Producers had been unable to film a wild wolf for the programme and used a semi-domesticated wolf which had been let off a lead just before filming, with the BBC Trust agreeing that it raised “significant concerns” about accuracy and misleading audiences.

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