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SOME of our favourite soap characters have four legs, a wet nose and a wagging tail.

As a nation who love animals, our beloved soaps have incorporated a number of pets into their storylines – including the likes of EastEnders' unforgettable Wellard, Corrie's Eccles, and even Emmerdale's legendary pigs and cows that live with the Dingles in Wishing Well cottage.

Here's a low down of the past and present furry friends on Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Eccles – Coronation Street

Eccles – played by Tess the pooch – starred in the popular soap from 2006 to 2020.

Eccles was previously owned by Lena Thistlewood, a friend of Blanche Hunt and when Ken Barlow attended her funeral Eccles bit him.

He soon went on to take her for walks and took a liking to the four-legged cutie and would use their walking time as an excuse to go and meet Martha Fraser – a woman he was having an affair with.

In 2010 Blanche stated that she wanted Ken to look after Eccles in her will when she passed and has been with the Barlows ever since.

Fans of the show were left devastated when the pooch died in March this year but bosses reassured viewers that Tess is still very much alive.

Schmichael – Coronation Street

Schmichael first appeared on Coronation Street in 2004  when Tyrone found him lying on his doorstep.

He soon found it hard to look after his own dog and the pup, so when Chesney said he'd look after him, he moved in with him.

The great dane certainly had a tough time on the show as he was run over by a bus and even accompanied Chesney when he ran away from home.

He was also taken to the RSPCA when Chesney was taken into care but returned after Chesney was allowed home.

In 2011 the pooch was diagnosed with cancer and Chesney had to come to terms with putting his best pal to sleep.

Monica – Coronation Street

Monica the Greyhound appeared on the cobbles a whopping 38 times during the years of 1998 and 2008.

Tyrone Dobbs adopted her after he found her walking the streets of Wetherfeild by herself and went on to create an unbreakable bond – where the mechanic even slept in the shed with her.

Monica disappeared off the show but in March 2020, Tyrone mentioned that he had her cremated and her ashes were scattered on the Red Red.

Jack Duckworth and his pigeons – Coronation Street

It seems that the the residents of Coronation Street aren't just dog lovers.

One of Jack's hobbies was pigeon racing and he made them a house in their garden.

He had the best names for them, including Dolly Parton and Fergie.

Rover – Coronation Street

Boo-Boo, also known as Rover, was found by Steve McDonald behind Street Cars cabs.

The pooch found her new home at the Rovers when the land lord found out that her owner was half way around the world travelling.

In 2015 he was left heartbroken when he had to return her back to her rightful owner – but she kept returning and they soon let Steve keep her.

Ozzy – Coronation Street

Ozzy starred in coronation street from the years of 2007 to 2016.

The black lab was bought by Maria Connor  as a present for her boyfriend Liam and was a good friend to her when he sadly died in 2008.

The pup developed terminal cancer in September 2016 and he was put to sleep.

Peanut – Coronation Street

Beth and Kirk Sutherland got Peanut the dachshund in 2016.

After Kirk realised that Beth was married to another man at the same time as him, he decided that he'd had enough and to top it all off he was also upset about the death of Ozzy the dog too.

Beth decided to sweet talk him back with the pooch and Kirk simply couldn't resist her cute face.

Lady Di – EastEnders

Lady Di – who is played by Hot Lips the bull dog – has been on EastEnders since 2013.

She moved into the Queen Vic with the Carters and soon became pregnant with Abi Branning's dog Tramp.

In 2014, the pooch gave birth to five healthy pups, after one nearly died.

Wellard – EastEnders

EastEnders' most iconic dog – Wellard – first appeared on the soap in 1994 when Robbie Jackson found him walking the streets of Albert Square.

Robbie and Wellard created such a unbreakable bond that when he was dating a girl that was allergic dogs, he decided to chose him over the girl he was seeing.

Robbie then decides to leave Walford to travel India and his pal Gus agrees to look after him.

The pooch was soon found guilty by the police of biting Ian Beale – but had to be kept on a lead at all times.

He soon fell into the hands of Bianca Jackson – who gave him chocolate – and suffered from theobromine poisoning in 2008.

Tramp – EastEnders

Tramp was first introduced into EastEnders in 2013 when Abi Branning found him wondering around by himself.

He went on to father five puppies with Lady Di but a few months later was run over by his owner in a car.

Bronson – EastEnders

Bronson the staffie has been on the BBC soap since 2017 after he arrived to the square with the Taylor family.

Genghis – EastEnders

The Irish wolfhound appeared on EastEnders between 2004 and 2008 with the Miller family.

Willy – EastEnders

Willy starred in EastEnders between 1985 and 1992.

The pooch was owned by Ethel Skinner who absolutely adored him.

Dot Branning and her budgies – EastEnders

Robbie and Georgie appeared on the show in 2002.

Alfie – Emmerdale

Alfie was the beloved Dingle family's dog for 15 years.

Throughout his time on the show he certainly didn't have it easy as he was poisoned by chemicals and was run over by his owner Zak and had a series of collapses.

In 2017 the family decided to put the pup to sleep.

Monty – Emmerdale

After the death of Alfie, Zak got another dog Monty, in 2018 and has been with him ever since.

Tootsie – Emmerdale

Tootsie has been on the ITV soap since 2002 and was first owned by Edna Birch.

Throughout her time on the show she's given birth and been diagnosed with spleen cancer – resulting in many sessions of chemotherapy in 2013.

After Edna died in 2016, Harriet Finch took on the role of her carer.

The pigs and cows of Emmerdale

Whether the farm animals are relaxing in on Butler's Farm, in the greenery of Wishing Well cottage or Wylie's farm, they're always noticable in the background of the northern soap.

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