Below Deck backlash as Down Under stewardess serves microwaved coffee to guest Ridiculous

Below Deck Down Under: Trailer for Peacock exclusive series

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Below Deck Down Under returned to Bravo for another instalment of action-packed entertainment onboard the luxury yacht. In the most recent episode fans were left appalled after an affluent guest was served microwaved coffee.

The quality of service onboard the superyacht was called into question after the recent episode was met with major backlash from fans on social media.

Viewers watched as charter guest Karim Gharbi had ordered an almond cappuccino, which was swiftly sent back.

Gharbi noted the milk had burnt and there was no chocolate dusting on top of the drink, which was an Australian staple.

He asked: “There’s not even chocolate on top and you burned the milk. What coffee machine do you have?”

Much to viewers’ surprise, Chief stewardess Aesha Scott admitted she had heated the milk in the microwave and didn’t have a frother onboard the yacht.

Gharbi visibly cringed when he learnt how his coffee was made and demanded a cappuccino to be brought to the yacht.

In utter disbelief, the charter guest stated: “’I’ve just never heard of such a thing in 18 years experience in hospitality.”

He added: “Can I just have a shot [of coffee]? I’m sure you can get that one right.”

While he awaited his order Aesha gossiped about the guest with the other crew members and criticised him for being entitled and picky.

This confrontation stirred up a huge debate on social media with some fans appalled by the quality of service, while others believed Gharbi could’ve been nicer.

@Knowingemma tweeted: “It’s ridiculous that a yacht doesn’t have a proper coffee machine.”

Over on Reddit, user the_cherry_bunker agreed: “I am actually surprised that they don’t already have a milk frother on the yacht.”

“That does seem like a basic piece of equipment for making many basic espresso drinks,” they added.

Despite the mishap, another viewer, mscharlita, gave their props to Aesha for how she handled it: “Kudos to Aesha for saying yep you’re right and getting one immediately. That’s good service.”

Whereas Mightyschooner questioned: “That surprised me too. Five star service with a frigging kpod coffee maker? How did they get away with that for so long?”

CrazyIcy6947 noted: “A NESPRESSO MACHINE ON A LUXURY YACHT. Come on. Microwaved milk. This is how I make my coffee and I’m a student living in dorms. At least grind the beans freshly Jesus.”

Yoginiinsydney noted: “I can’t believe the yacht doesn’t have a proper coffee machine. They could have gotten a Nespresso machine with milk frother on the side to begin with.

They continued: “I can’t believe a million-dollar yacht doesn’t have a proper coffee machine. Thank goodness one guest called them out.”

This was a major concern for a majority of viewers as a three day charter on the yacht without a tip costs an estimated price of $50,000 or up to $19,000 after the gratuity.

Below Deck Down Under is available in the US on Bravo and is available in the UK on Hayu.

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