Ben Higgins Ex-Fiancee Lauren Bushnell Comments On Rumors He’ll Be ‘Bachelor’ Lead Again, Shares Updates

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got engaged in their ‘Bachelor’ finale, but it didn’t last — now there’s buzz that he might return and she’s sharing her thoughts

Now that Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season is over and Bachelor in Paradise is airing, franchise fans are looking ahead to the next Bachelor season. ABC won’t be announcing a decision regarding who will be handing out roses for a few weeks yet, but there’s been quite a bit of talk that perhaps Ben Higgins will return to try another round as the lead. Now his former fiancee Lauren Bushnell is sharing her thoughts on the idea and it seems she’s supportive of the idea.

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got engaged during Season 20 of The Bachelor and for a while, they looked like they would beat the franchise curse by making it down the aisle. Ben and Lauren even got their own spinoff show on the Freeform network, but a matter of months later they called it quits. Ben also participated in ABC’s Bachelor Winter Games last winter, and it looks like he’ll pop up with a quick appearance in Paradise this summer.

There are several candidates who seem to be in the running to be the 2019 Bachelor lead, with Kufrin castoff’s Blake Horstmann, Jason Tartick, and Colton Underwood looking like potential frontrunners. However, Higgins’ name keeps popping up and he hasn’t really done much to cut down the chatter on the possibility.

What does Ben’s ex-fiancee Lauren think of the possibility? Bushnell spoke to Us Weekly and said that she’s supportive. She admits that she can’t imagine going through all of that again and she thinks it’d be scary if she were in that position. On the other hand, she says that Higgins is a good guy and will be a good husband, and she hopes it works out if he does give The Bachelor another shot.

Ben and Lauren split in May 2017, a little more than a year after their season aired. Bushnell soon reunited with a former flame named Devin Antin and the two are still together. She says that she has no plans to return to reality television, at least not at the moment, but if the right project came along she’d be open to considering it.

The former Bachelor star says that she’s come to realize that she’s in a better place living her life without television cameras around her. Lauren may not be planning to do any more reality television, but it does sound as if she thinks she’s found her Mr. Right. Bushnell told Us Weekly that she’s in no hurry to get married, and she admits that she has a tendency to fall quickly for guys and move forward too fast.

Bushnell says that she’s much more cautious these days. It sounds as if Lauren sees marriage to Devin in her future, just without a specific timeline at this point. The former Bachelor star says that her loved ones adore Antin and she notes that it’s been helpful that he had been friendly with many people from her inner circle before they started dating after her Bachelor split.

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Devin and Lauren originally met via Tinder about a year before she filmed Ben’s season and she revealed they were dating again a couple of months after her engagement with Higgins ended. Ben’s love life has stayed more private since his engagement ended. While there has been talk of a girlfriend in his life, Higgins hasn’t gone public with any new relationships and he’s seemed to indicate that he’s still available and potentially interested in handing out roses again.

Should ABC consider bringing Ben Higgins back as The Bachelor again or should it be Blake, Jason, Colton, or someone else? An announcement will likely come in early September and the 2019 season will debut in January.

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