Ben Shephard gobsmacked as Tipping Point player wins with ‘luckiest drop ever’

Ben Shephard was left reeling on Tuesday's Tipping Point, when player Leslie landed a record drop in the infamous machine.

Having made it through to the second round, Leslie was struggling and found herself hundreds of pounds behind her opponents Stu and Dennis.

And, after a round of quick-fire questions, Leslie's chances of survival were slim, having only got one question right.

However, she got incredibly lucky with her drop and managed to win 13 counters with a single fall.

Ben couldn't believe it, as he exclaimed: "Lesley you sneak into the head to head!"

Earning a whopping £800, Leslie made it through to the semi-final, and her rival Dennis – with £750 – was sent home.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were gobsmacked by her victory, as they sent their commiserations to losing player Dennis.

One said: "Lucky 13!"

"Leslie the one counter wonder," said a second, and a third chimed: "B****y hell, she did it with one counter."

And a fourth wrote: "Hoooow has Lesley just got 13 with 1 counter. Dennis is having an awful time!"

Unfortunately, in the semi-final, Leslie's bout of good luck came to an end, and she failed to add any more dosh to her prize pot.

Her rival Stu beat her to the jackpot finale, and Ben was forced to bid Leslie farewell.

In a gracious exit, Leslie thanked Ben for his time, saying: "Thank you very much! I've had a great day."

Meanwhile, player Stu was hoping to win the dazzling £10,000 counter, with plans to take his daughter on a glittering trip overseas.

He told Ben: "I’ve got a daughter I know she wants to go places so maybe Disneyland or something like that."

While Stu came close to winning the jackpot, he decided to play it safe and take home his earnings of £3,450.

Sadly, Ben revealed Stu would have won the £10,000 pay-out had he continued playing, adding: "There was always the risk!"

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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