Ben Whishaw details crippling fear on set of This Is Going to Hurt ‘Very embarrassing’

This Is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw stars in BBC trailer

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Based on the bestselling memoir by Adam Kay, This Is Going to Hurt reveals the highs and lows of life as an NHS doctor. Starring Ben Whishaw as a fictionalised version of the book’s author, he recently opened up about his own experiences in the messy and emotionally draining BBC series which has proven a hit with viewers.

Bond star Ben revealed he’s still afraid of needles, despite starring in BBC One’s new high-profile hospital drama.

Speaking to and other press ahead of the show’s release, he admitted he was much more squeamish about blood and needles than Adam.

“Um, yeah, not great honestly,” he said. “I’m really bad with needles.”

His fear of jabs was made especially difficult during the Covid vaccine roll-out of the last year.

He admitted: “I don’t even like having the vaccine. I can’t look at the needle go in.

“I definitely can’t look at blood being taken out of me.”

This Is Going to Hurt’s dramatic small screen adaptation takes a snapshot of Adam’s NHS career as he worked up the ranks of an NHS hospital.

Both uplifting and harrowing, the seven-episode series focuses on the writer’s difficult stint on the maternity ward.

Playing Adam, Ben forced himself to get to grips with a number of messy surgical procedures to fully represent life in the NHS.

However, in reality, the actor wasn’t quite so desensitised to the sight of blood and needles after extensive rehearsals with his co-star Ambika Mod.

“So yeah, it’s very, very embarrassing,” he added. “But that’s the truth.”

Ambika, who portrays fellow junior doctor Shruti Acharya, apparently fared slightly better during rehearsals.

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Director Lucy Forbes even suggested the cast could actually perform some of the procedures if the situation demanded.

She recalled: “We did so much caesarian training, Ben and I have talked about this when we’ve had a wine.

“Ultimately, if push came to shove, if it was an emergency and Ben or Ambika really, really, really had to do it, they could probably do a caesarian.

“I reckon, don’t you think, Ben?” she asked as the stars laughed.

Ben conceded: “I think Ambika could be better than me. I think I’ve forgotten a lot already.”

And Ambika weighed in: “I would refuse to do a C-section with anyone else.”

The cast won’t be delivering any babies for real any time soon, but it’s certainly a testament to how much preparation was put into the series that they’d stand a good chance during an emergency.

There are currently no official plans for a second season of This Is Going to Hurt, though Ben may have to face his fears yet again if the BBC drama proves popular enough for a follow-up.

This Is Going to Hurt continues Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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