'Big Brother 21': Why the Show's Latest Veto Competition Is Upsetting Alums and Fans

Sometimes Big Brother switches things up by coming up with new kinds of competitions for houseguests. This season is no different, but many fans and veterans are upset with the direction the show is going with competitions. Find out why they are angry about the newest veto competition and more.

Six Shooters is focused on getting Nick or Sam out of the house

The alliance, Six Shooters includes Jackson Michie, Jack Matthews, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Holly Allen, Isabella Wang, Nick Maccarone, and Analyse Talavera. They are continuing to use their majority to target other people in the house.

This week Allen won Head of Household and she put Maccarone and Smith on the block. The move is probably not surprising given the alliance recently got rid of Wang who was in a showmance with Maccarone. Smith also isn’t in their alliance but has won multiple competitions.

The newest competition required houseguests to capture sheep


Maccarone and Smith fought to take themselves off the block in the latest veto competition. Allen, Bracco, Cliff Hogg III, and Jessica Milagros also got to compete.

This competition was new for the show. Houseguests had to capture sheep that were all numbered. They were given a number and the goal was to get as many sheep as they needed that added up to that number.

The houseguests really scrambled to chase the running sheep around in the mud. Allen seemed pretty confident that she would be able to win given she is from Wyoming and works with animals. However, Maccarone was the one who successfully captured as many sheep needed three times and won the Power of Veto.

Although some might have been excited by the competition, there are fans and alums of the show who spoke out against it.

They aren’t happy the competition used animals

This season has previously used creatures for competitions like cockroaches and snakes. Now there are more vocal critics speaking out against using animals because of the scared sheep.

“I LOVE Big Brother competitions, they’re so creative & fun to play/watch… but stressing out animals for entertainment really ain’t it chief. Let’s consider their feelings a little bit too. #BB21,” tweeted Paul Abrahamian, who competed on seasons 18 and 19 of the show.

He wasn’t the only veteran to tweet about the competition. “PSA TO BIG BROTHER PRODUCERS: Can we cool it with the comps involving animals? 1. The animals (while I’m sure are being treated well) most certainly don’t want to be there. Leave them alone. 2. Animals are inconsistent. It isn’t a level playing field for everyone. #BB21,” tweeted Andy Herren, who competed on season 15.

Other fans weren’t happy with animals being used either. There hasn’t been a response to those angry about the competition.

This isn’t the first controversy this season. Many fans have been upset about racist comments being said by some of the houseguests on the live feeds. Producers released a statement claiming they have addressed the offensive comments with the houseguests. They also denied the claim that their casting is racially motivated.

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