'Big Brother': America's Votes Are Backfiring on Their Favorite Houseguests

Big Brother 23 has a new twist for fans to vote and give the stars BB Bucks. But it looks like the BB Bucks are backfiring on favorite houseguests after the second week of votes.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 live feeds that aired on Aug. 20 and 21!]

America has been voting to help ‘Big Brother 23’ stars

Every season of Big Brother tries to get the fans involved. This year, fans were able to vote to give their favorite houseguests BB Bucks. The top three houseguests received 100 bucks, the next three received 75 bucks, and the rest received 50 bucks.

They can then use this money in the High Roller’s Room. They can gamble with their money at a chance of an advantage. Or, if they feel safe, they can save their BB Bucks in the hopes they can use it for a more powerful advantage in the following weeks.

The first week of the twist, fans gave Britini D’Angelo, Derek Xiao, and Derek Frazier 100 BB Bucks. Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell, and Hannah Chaddha got 75 BB Bucks. Azah Awasum, Alyssa Lopez, Sarah Beth Steagall, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland Young got 50 BB Bucks. But it didn’t take long for the votes to start backfiring. 

America’s votes are backfiring on their favorite houseguests

The episodes show Britini being excited about getting 100 BB Bucks. She felt safe and decided to save them for another week. 

Kyland was Head of Household (HOH) and nominated Claire, and Derek F. He then used the veto on Claire and replaced her with Britini. What the episodes didn’t show is that the other houseguests targeted Britini because she received more money. 

This trend will continue. The live feeds from Aug. 20 have revealed Claire, Derek F, and Derek X received 100 the next week. Hannah, Alyssa, and Xavier received 75, and Tiffany, Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Azah got 50.

Sarah Beth is HOH in week 7, and she put Derek F and Claire on the block. Alyssa used her bucks and won Roulette to take down Derek F and put up Xavier. Xavier then won Power of Veto, and now there is a plan to put Derek X on the block. Again, he’s a target not only because he’s a good competitor and not in The Cookout. But also, he has been receiving the most BB Bucks.

It looks like being America’s favorite only makes you a bigger target for The Cookout, and they have a lot of influence in the house. Sarah Beth’s first nominations were the same as Kyland’s because he talked her into that. So fans who are hoping for a different power dynamic because of this twist are very disappointed.

Fans are reacting to a favorite leaving

Fans who are keeping up with the live feeds are already reacting to Derek X being in danger. One fan on Reddit believed Derek X could be kept because he isn’t targeting The Cookout. 

But another fan wrote, “Claire isn’t either cause she can’t win a comp and has no bb bucks to play anything. Dx can win AND has the bb bucks to play next week. They would [sic] dumb to keep him .. but I would be sad for him to leave lol.”

Another fan wrote, “All of this for Ky and X to realize later Dx can’t stay because he has too many Bb Bucks lmao.”

It looks like the twist isn’t really helping the underdogs of the season. There is one more week left, and it’ll be the Coin of Destiny.

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