Big Brother introduces a 'brand new housemate' to make us all cringe

Big Brother welcomed a very frisky new housemate in Friday’s show. Well, she’s sort of ‘new’.

Technically, our newest housemate Talia lives in the body of everyone’s favourite scene stealer Anamélia, but as we learned during the episode, she’s actually a completely separate entity who’s not afraid to ratchet up the sex appeal.

Between parading around the house in a G-string and climbing onto Lewis F while he was in bed, Talia definitely made a strong first impression on her fellow housemates.

“Talia is my alter ego,” Anamélia explained in the Diary Room. “She is like, when the sexiness comes — that’s like her. Just taking over me. She might check in, tonight.”

If you’re having some serious flashbacks to Cleo Rocos and Dirk Benedict on Celebrity Big Brother all those years ago, you are not alone.

As Anamélia hinted in the Diary Room, Talia did come out to play and made it clear that she was very interested in Lewis F’s “whole look” it was “working for her”, apparently. Talia not only performed a lap dance for him, but also climbed on him in bed.

Sure, Lewis F won’t stop going on about being celibate, and let’s not forget that he called Talia’s ‘alter ego’ Anamélia “intolerable” just a few days go, but are we alone in thinking he kind of enjoyed meeting Talia?

Meanwhile, the rest of us were trying not to look:

(warning: NSFW tweets below)

And others were just hoping that Talia sticks around:

Whatever his true feelings were for Talia, Lewis F definitely had a breakthrough with Anamélia when he got to the source of why he was so frustrated with her in the first few days of the competition.

“You remind me of my ex a little bit, so I think I’ve been expressing some undue emotion,” he revealed.

Big surprise, right?

Still, despite the efforts of her ‘alter ego’ Talia, Anamélia was evicted during Friday’s show.

Big Brother continues on Sunday (September 23) for 90 minutes beginning at 10pm on Channel 5.

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