'Big Brother': Nicole Franzel Says Her 'Annoying' Voice Sounds Different on the Show

Fans of Big Brother sometimes complain about how houseguests talk on the show. Nicole Franzel is one of the people, and she addressed how her voice sounds different on the show.

Nicole Franzel was dissed for her voice on ‘Big Brother’

Franzel has gotten a lot of comments about her voice. Zingbot even dissed her on Big Brother 22.

The robot sang, “Here comes the bride; she loves to whine and cry. Every time I hear her voice, I want to f*****g die” to the tune of “Here Comes The Bride.”

The diss was in reference to Franzel’s upcoming wedding with Victor Arroyo from Big Brother 18. She looked completely shocked by this as the other houseguests laughed.

Zingbot’s comment seemed to bother Franzel. She was seen on the Live Feeds asking if her voice was “annoying and whiny” afterward.

She said she sounds different on the show

Big Brother 22 ended and Franzel talked about her voice on her podcast, Coco Caliente with Victor Arroyo. He started off by complimenting her.

“I like your voice on and off the air,” Arroyo told her. “There’s no way,” she said. He then asked, “Do you yourself think your voice is annoying?”

“Sometimes, sometimes I do get annoyed with my voice,” the former winner answered. “But I didn’t until I think I went on Big Brother 16 and people brought it to my attention.” She then added, “It’s super annoying on TV. That’s not what I really sound like though.”

Arroyo explained why some houseguests do change how they talk on the show. “I will give you the benefit of the doubt,” he said. “One, your voice isn’t annoying to me so that’s off the table. But two, I will say that when you are in the Big Brother house in the diary room they always ask for more energy, more energy, more. And the natural tendency for people to do is not necessarily always give more energy perse, but get louder, right?”

Franzel then said, “This season I tried not to do that though.” Sadly, she still got backlash for her voice this last season.

Other houseguests are seen yelling in the diary room

Other people on the show have been called out for yelling in the diary room. Sam Smith from Big Brother 21 often yelled in the diary room.

“When you’re in the DR like I’m sure it’s soundproof and everything anyways, but I would go in there screaming and yelling because that’s who I was,” Smith told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

But he would be quieter when the subject turned more serious. “If you noticed if I would go to talk game like hardcore deep game I wasn’t super, super loud,” he said. “There were times that I would come out of the DR and my throat was like hurting me of how loud I am.”

It sounds like how people talk in the diary room isn’t very natural. Franzel thinks she tried to avoid sounding a certain way, but still got flack for her voice.

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