Bradley Walsh breaks down in tears on This Morning saying he's 'so upset' at families torn apart by virus

BRADLEY Walsh was left in tears on This Morning after watching the heartbreaking stories of families torn apart by coronavirus.

The Chase host, 60, said he found the footage "so upsetting" as he appeared on the show from his Essex home.

He had watched the story of Ruth, who had not been allowed to see her son Sam, who could die from Huntingdon's disease before they are reunited.

Bradley said: "I've just seen that – I've never met Ruth and Sam but that's heartbreaking.

"In Ruth's case specifically, six, seven months having daily contact with Sam and all of a sudden now – zero. He's in the later stages of Huntingdon's and it's so sad."

Getting choked up, she said: "It's hard enough to see… sorry. It's hard enough to see your parents go but if your child is going to go before you, something needs to be done."

Waving his hand away while he struggled to continue, Bradley told the hosts: "Apologies."

Holly, 39, told him kindly: "Don't be sorry."

Fans were equally upset, with one tweeting: "Bradley Walsh. What a man. He's genuinely breaking his heart. So sad of a story."

Another wrote: "After watching Bradley Walsh in tears on this morning we need to do some thing about family’s torn apart.

"Those with illnesses who are isolating alone in care homes etc ,who may never see a family member before they die."

Another wrote: "My heart is actually breaking at this segment ? the poor families."


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