Bradley Walsh shocked by The Chase contestant’s connection to Anne Hegerty

A quizzer on The Chase left Bradley Walsh stunned after revealing his surprising connection to Anne Hegerty.

Student Aidan appeared on the ITV show today as he went up against Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen.

However she revealed that fellow Chaser Anne has already met Aidan's brother.

A shocked Bradley asked how and Aidan revealed that his brother Kieran had also appeared on The Chase, with his team winning £36,000 and beat the Governess.

Kieran had managed to bag £6,000 for his team from the cashbuidler and spent the £12,000 money he won from the pot on three holidays and an engagement ring.

"He went on three holidays so we knew he'd come into a bit of money," he laughed.

"You've already outscored Kieran," The Vixen reminded him. "He got six and he stuck with his six so now it's your time to really outshine him."

Aidan chose to go for the middle offer of £7,000.

"You've already outdone him, you've done your part," she said. "All you need to do is get back to the team and win.

Sadly Aidan buckled under the pressure and was beaten by The Vixen, meaning that he wasn't able to play in The Final Chase.

*The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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