Bradley Walsh’s sister left gobsmacked after being convinced star was new 007

Bradley Walsh's sister was convinced that her brother had been cast as James Bond and he'd kept it all a secret.

The Chase host was appearing on This Morning when he revealed details of the embarrassing mix-up that was sparked by a DIY project.

Bradley, 61, was on the show to discuss his new Darling Buds Of May remake The Larkins and began laughing as he told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how his sister, Kerry, was convinced he had been cast as the MI5 hero.

The confusion began when Phil and Holly showed off a classic James Bond-inspired Vantare GT car Bradley had built from scratch on the show last week.

The impressive motor took him over three and a half years to build and "a lot of blood, sweat, and tears."

However he hadn't filled his family in on the project – so they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw he had his own 007 vehicle.

Bradley explained: "So last week you know you had my car on? So you cut to the car and you go 'James Bond…' My sister Kerry, she's sitting in her kitchen with a cup of tea. My sister works in B&Q in Watford.

"She rings me up afterwards and says 'Brad I've made such a fool of myself' I said what do you mean. She said, 'You come on and Phillip and Holly said this is Bradley Walsh's car…'

"Because I hadn't told my family about the car. No seriously not my sister or my mum.

"She said 'Oh my God brad's gonna be James Bond and she spits her tea everywhere, and her kids go 'what's up?' and she says 'Brad's gonna be James Bond'."

The actor burst into uncontrollable bouts of laughter as he recalled the story in disbelief.

He had previously explained to Phil and Holly about his bond-esque new ride: "We just took an Aston Martin DB9 and completely stripped it."

Bradley cited his background in and ongoing love for engineering as the reason behind his decision to make the car.

He said: "I was a Rolls Royce apprentice engineer and ended up going to their technical school up in Leavesden, that's where I learnt to build helicopter engines.

"I was a helicopter engineer for five years and so my engineering background, and a bit of design, that's where it all comes from, that's where my love of engineering comes from."

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