Carl Lentz' wife Laura 'still furious' and 'refuses to wear wedding ring' as ex-pastor seeks treatment after cheating

CARL Lentz’ wife, Laura, is still “furious” and “refuses” to wear her wedding as the ex-Hillsong pastor seeks treatment following his exposed affair, The Sun can reveal.  

An insider exclusively told The Sun that Laura Lentz feels her husband-of-17-years “robbed” her “entire life” in NYC after the couple was fired from the church due to Carl’s cheating scandal. 

After Carl, 42, and Laura lost their longtime jobs as senior pastors at Hillsong Church in New York, the pair – along with their three children – moved across the country to Los Angeles. 

The family has been spotted several times around LA holding hands however, a source exclusively revealed to The Sun that Laura has put on an “act” for her kids and the public.

“Laura is not happy in her marriage to Carl and things continue to be tense in their household. 

“She is doing her best to put on an act for the kids and for the public,” the informant said. 

The source continued: “They hold hands when they see paparazzi to make it look like they're working on things and Carl is trying hard to keep his family together. 

“But Laura is still furious and refuses to wear her wedding ring. He cheated and lied more than she knows and she's having a hard time keeping it together.”

As Laura has been pictured with her family on several occasions since her husband’s cheating bombshell was dropped, she has noticeably skipped wearing her wedding ring. 

It was added that she "doesn't know if or when" she can trust him again. 

“Laura feels Carl's robbed her of a lot… her career, her reputation and her entire life in New York." 

According to the insider, Laura also “blocked” her husband’s alleged mistress, Ranin Karim, on Instagram as she “can't stand seeing her pictures or headlines in the news.”

Ranin – who first opened up to The Sun about her passionate alleged affair with Carl last month – previously claimed he talked about seeking treatment for various issues. 

The jewelry designer exclusively told The Sun after the ex-church leader got fired: “Carl told me that he doesn’t want this duality that he lived in to make him lose his life.”

She alleged that after he continued to repeat "my life is over,” he claimed he would try therapy to “save himself.” 

“He went to some clinic for four days to try to save his life and he wanted to make sure that I knew that he was making an effort to save himself and get better,” Ranin added. 

While another source said that Carl “couldn’t believe” his ongoing infidelity was caught and he was “in disbelief.”

"He immediately got treatment before reuniting with his family,” the insider said before the Lentz’ moved to the West Coast. 

A rep for Carl was not available for comment when contacted by The Sun.

In addition to allegedly receiving treatment before his affair unraveled publicly, a source told People that Carl will be getting help once again. 

The insider claimed Carl will look into treatment at “an outpatient facility that specializes in depression, anxiety, and pastoral burnout.”

"He wants to be better for his family and is dedicated to doing the work," the source added of Carl and Laura’s children Ava, 16, Charlie, 14, and Roman, 11.

The family made the cross-country move as both Carl and Laura lost their jobs as senior pastors at Hillsong NYC due to his infidelity.

However, Carl and Laura will not be divorcing after he cheated on her and are are determined to make things work, The Sun exclusively reported.

As they also sold their New Jersey family home just before the affair was made public, they moved West looking for a “fresh start.”

Yesterday, The Sun exclusively revealed that Tyler Perry paid nearly $100,000 so Justin Bieber’s former pal could live in a luxury Manhattan Beach mansion. 

Multiple sources revealed to The Sun that Tyler, 51, shelled out $96,000 up front to cover a six-month lease to house the Lentz family in the posh $4million property.

The 5,000-square-foot, five bedroom pad costs $16,000 a month and is just steps from the ocean. 

In addition to paying the hefty price tag, the Madea actor has been lending emotional support to his pal who’s been “leaning” on the movie mogul.

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