Casualty’s Faith and Lev relationship ‘at the point of no return’ amid affair

Casualty couple Faith Cadogan and Lev Malinovsky could be set for heartbreak after the paramedic kissed somebody else.

Viewers watched Dylan (William Beck) spot Lev (Uriel Emil) cheating on Faith with a man.

The consultant saw them kissing through his window, but when he told Faith what happened, she refused to believe her husband had cheated on her.

Relationship/Infidelity Expert & Intuitive Mentor Daniela Birch has revealed she believes Lev and Faith's relationship is "at the point of no return" after he cheated on her.

When asked if she believes the couple's romance is doomed, Daniela replied that she feels their marriage is certainly "at the point of no return".

The expert explained to Daily Star Online exclusively: "I do feel, this is the point of no return in their marriage, yes. He has been guided to act upon these deep urgings via his subconscious and taken action to be with a man. This was planned out in his mind, without thinking of the consequences, if he was to get caught.

"He didn't consider to sit down and have a conversation about his confusion around his sexuality, with Faith. He hasn't given her an option or a choice, to decide what was best for her.

"So, once she finds out, this will be the biggest betrayal.

"The fact it was hidden and sneaky, means he was doing this for himself. And yet on a level, he didn't care if he was to get 'caught,' So, there was no consideration for Faith's feelings at all. This will hurt her the most."

Lev is yet to tell Faith that he is LGBTQ+, and he doesn't know that Dylan has told her about his affair.

When Dylan told Faith about Lev's kiss, she reacted with rage, claiming he had made it up due to having feelings for her himself.

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Daniela suggested that Faith is "in denial", adding: "There are two components to this question. The first one is that Faith thinks Dylan has a hidden agenda for telling her, so she isn't at this point, going to take him seriously. Even if his character is trustworthy and he isn’t one to want to cause trouble.

"The second reason is, denial. Faith's first response, if this news comes as a shock, is to automatically, go into protection mode. Her ego, won't allow her mind to believe it is true, and certainly she wouldn't want to believe Dylan is speaking the truth."

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