CBB’s Roxanne punched Ben in chest and feared she’d get formal warning

Roxanne Pallett punched Ben Jardine in the chest just days before her ‘altercation’ with Ryan Thomas.

The actress removed herself from the main Celebrity Big Brother house after accusing the former Corrie star of ‘punching’ her.

Roxanne claimed she was "punched repeatedly, unprovoked and completely deliberately" by the former Corrie star and was furious that he wasn’t removed from the house.

Big Brother gave Ryan a ‘formal warning’ after reviewing the footage and claimed that "while almost play fighting you punched Roxanne in the ribs".

Viewers have been quick to point out that Roxanne hit Ben while they were boxing in the garden.

The voiceover claimed Roxanne was "taking her frustration out on Ben" as she punched cushions in his hands.

After a left and right hook she then smacked him unexpectedly in the chest.

Ben appeared to be bloated and went down on one knee as he seemingly pretended to be more hurt than he actually was.

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"Don’t," shouted Roxanne, who feared she would be punished by Big Brother.

She said: "Big Brother he’s having a laugh, he’s joking. Say it again, he’s joking.

Pointing her finger at Ben, she added: "If they tell me off for that. I mean it. I mean it."

In another incident, Ben was seen whipping Roxanne in the kitchen with a tea towel.

She clutched her behind after he whacked her on the bottom during the play fight.

Viewers watched tonight as the emotional actress broke down in tears in the Diary Room and asked to speak to a producer after calling him a "woman beater".

She asked to sleep in a separate bedroom because she was "suffering" and "didn’t feel comfortable" sleeping in the same room.

Ryan was given a formal warning and apologised for his actions.

*Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm

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