Celebrity Big Brother fans blast Ann Widdecombe over her controversial views on gay marriage

CELEBRITY Big Brother fans have slammed "closed-minded" Ann Widdecombe after she aired her view on gay marriage.

The former MP, 70, said she believed marriage could only be something "between a man and woman" during a discussion with drag queen Courtney Act and India Willoughby.

During last night's instalment of the show, the author and ex-politician was seen discussing her views on marriage with Shane Gilberto Jenek (who's alter-ego is Courtney) and India.

Sitting down together Shane asked Ann why she had voted against  pro-LGBT legislation in parliament.

Ann told the openly gay performer and the transgender journalist that she felt that marriage could only be between a man and a woman.

She told her two housemates: "Well you call it marriage equality I call it the redefinition of marriage.

"If marriage suddenly is no longer between a man and a women, and it's between a man and a man or a woman and a woman, then why not between one man and two women? Why not polygamy?"

Shane accepted her view, but proposed his own argument. He told Ann that marriage has been redefined many times throughout history.

However, Ann responded by saying: "Marriage is a civil institution that is defined by parliament. If people want to change that I’ve got to be persuaded it's a good idea and I’m not."

India then stepped in and said if two people love each other it doesn't impact on anyone else, before asking why there was a fuss over a "word".

"It's not just a word," responded the veteran politician. "It's an institution set up for the stability of society which has been with us for centuries. Marriage is a man and a woman."

Fans of the show were less understanding than Shane and India. Taking to Twitter may slammed Ann for being "bigoted".

One user, @emilytownley94 wrote: "We are in the modern day, however it appears that Anne widdicombe has not caught up with the time! #CBBAnn #CelebrityBigBrother #ashamedofafellowwoman [sic]"

Others were less restrained, with one tweeting: "Anne widdicombe gets worse every #CBB episode. such a closed-minded old woman [sic]."

Another added: "#CBB Anne can bore off…bigoted and annoying… #shanej to win."

One person who didn't seem to take exception to Ann's views was Shane.

Heading to the Diary Room later on in the show, he said it was good to have a "civilised conversation" with Ann.

He told the confessional camera: "I like that you can have a civilised conversation with someone who has a different opinion to yourself. I respect her right to have her opinions."

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Elsewhere in the episode Ann managed to make model Jess Impiazzi cry as she harangued her for laughing during the men's task.

The new entries into the house were made to experience a simulated labour, something that some of the female housemates found humorous.

Ann, however, raged about the task and reactions – singling Jess out for criticism.

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