Cher and Jimmy Fallon lip sync to people singing Believe at karaoke

The Tonight Show crew are always thinking up some new bit for Jimmy Fallon to test drive. This time, they’ve come up with a new spin to the lip sync concept.

With Cher on Monday’s show, Fallon and the music icon lip synced to her 1998 hit “Believe,” but instead of a professional recording, they lip synced to random people singing “Believe” at karaoke.

“We sent a crew to a karaoke bar in New York City at around 1 in the morning and asked people there to sing ‘Believe,’ and now we’re going to lip sync their vocals,” Fall prefaced. The late-night experiment proved that Cher’s talent is, indeed, rare.

“Nailed it,” Fallon joked.

This was one Cher moment of a very Cher-centric night on The Tonight Show. The pop diva joined Fallon on stage during his opening monologue to recreate her famous Moonstruck slap scene and later perform with the cast of The Cher Show, the new Broadway musical about her life.

Appropriately, as different actresses playing Cher at different points in her life assembled, the real Cher joined them in performing “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Watch more clips below.

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