'Chicago Fire' Season 10: Jason Pelham's Job as Lieutenant Might Be in Jeopardy in Episode 11

NBC’s One Chicago fans are gearing up for Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 11. The new episode of the show seems to feature more of newcomer Jason Pelham. And now that he’s been promoted to lieutenant, he likely feels the need to prove himself. Unfortunately, it seems a situation goes awry for Pelham in the new episode. Will his position as lieutenant be in jeopardy?

Jason Pelham was officially announced as Matt Casey’s replacement in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

Matt Casey leaving Chicago Fire Season 10 marked one of the saddest events of the series so far. Fans adored Casey, and they fully expect to see him return in some capacity in the future. After he left, there was an opening to become the lieutenant of Truck 81. And newcomer Jason Pelham swooped in to prove himself as an asset to Firehouse 51.

In Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 9, Chief Wallace Boden announced Pelham would permanently take over for Casey.

“I have been impressed by your leadership on Truck 81 and in the firehouse,” Boden told Pelham. ” … I want to offer you the full-time lieutenant spot on Truck 81.” To that, Pelham accepted the position.

Prior to Pelham, Boden and Kelly Severide expressed how they thought Stella Kidd would return and take the job. Unfortunately, her absence due to her work with Girls on Fire took her out of the running.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 Episode 11 might put Jason Pelham’s job in jeopardy

Not only does Jason Pelham have to worry about the mistakes he makes in Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 11, but Stella Kidd also might be gunning for his position. Fans want to know if Stella Kidd is returning to Chicago Fire for good — and it seems she’s here to stay. Additionally, she might have the lieutenant position on the brain.

An interviewer from CinemaBlend asked Stella Kidd actor Miranda Rae Mayo if Kidd still wants the lieutenant position. “Oh, for sure,” Mayo answered. “Like, 1,000%. I think that she wants to do well. I think that that’s very important to her to do, once she steps into that position to be fully committed because that’s what that firehouse deserves, you know? So, I think that she really wants to do well for her people.” 

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 11 airs Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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