Christopher Biggins to visit Auschwitz after getting boot from Celebrity Big Brother for Nazi jibe – The Sun

CHRISTOPHER Biggins will visit the sites of World War Two extermination camps after a sick Nazi joke saw him evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Yesterday we told how the entertainment industry legend apologised to Jewish Katie Waissel but was still kicked out of the Channel 5 show for his shower jibe about concentration camps.

Now Biggins, 67, plans to turn a visit to the Polish city of Krakow later this year into a pilgrimage to the camps, including nearby Auschwitz where over one million people were killed.

Krakow is also home to the Plaszo Nazi German labour and concentration camp, where thousands more inmates suffered torture and died.

In an exclusive interview, Biggins revealed: “I am going there. It will be my first time. I know it’s going to be horrible. I know it’s going to be ghastly. I know it’s going to be emotional.

“Before I went into the house, my partner Neil and I were talking about it because we just feel the whole scenario of the Jewish annihilation is so horrific that we wanted to experience it for ourselves.

“We’re going for five days in October. I’m really looking forward to it. Especially now after this incident.

“It’s strange that I had already decided to experience it myself.”

The hell of the Celebrity Big Brother shame has compounded a year from hell for Biggins who has had to deal with the death of countless friends, including veteran broadcaster Cilla Black.

He said: “It’s been a hell of a year – Cilla, Linda Bellingham, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne… It’s been just awful awful.

“I’ve lost 80 friends in the last two-and-a-half years – really close friends.

“I put it down to getting older and having too many friends. I have a bucket list now.

“You realise how life just fades away.

“You can’t say: ‘Let’s do that tomorrow because there might not be a tomorrow.’ You might get a terrible disease or be knocked over by a bus. Anything can happen to you.

“You want to do things at the end of your life. I’m 67 so anything could happen.”

Today Biggins also speaks about the rest of his Big Brother experience, revealing he and fellow celebrity housemates Samantha Fox and Frankie Grande feared for their safety in the house.

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Their terror reached its peak last week fellow housemate, Ex On The Beach star Stephen Bear, smashed a mirror by throwing a mug in rage following an argument.

Biggins explained: “The night after Bear went crazy and smashed the glass, people were upset. Bear went mad.

“I felt sorry for the cameraman behind it because the glass could have shattered on him.

“The following morning I was getting out of bed to have a wee and it was still dark.

“Sam came over and she cried in my arms. She said: ‘What are we going to do?’

“I told her I would go in to speak to a producer and the head of Channel 5 to say: ‘We can’t go on like this.’

“Later in the day, Frankie was upset. He came over to my bed and cried.

“I asked him why and he said: ‘I’m just frightened.’

“He said that in America he can’t be as vocal or outrageous as he would like because the fear is what happened in Orlando in the gay bar where that man shot all those gay people.

“He said he fears going out in America in glitter and outrageous clothes.

“But then he said: ‘I’m frightened in here now after what happened last night.’

“They were both scared for their safety. It was horrible. It did get a little heavy.”

He added: “Most of the furniture is screwed down for obvious reasons. But there’s a lot that’s not, including the metal dining room chairs that could really hurt somebody if thrown.

“There’s knifes and cutlery.”

“Are we getting into a place in television where we’re going to have people killing each other?”

Biggins admitted he was surprised at his ruthless treatment from bosses, while other housemates have stayed in.

The day after Bear’s glass-smashing incident, US singer Aubrey O’Day came under fire for spitting in the reality star’s sandwich.

He said: “I didn’t throw glass or break glass. I didn’t dribble into someone else’s sandwiches. I didn’t swear overtly.”

However, the former Porridge star did confess to enjoying last week’s ‘Artificials’ task which saw him served upon by fellow housemates including Loose Women’s Saira Khan and Grant Bovey.

He said: “I loved it. I love servants, I think they’re great. I loved the whole business of telling them what to do.

“But the sensible ones like me told them to clean – and boy did they make that kitchen spotless.”

Biggins is also concerned by the growing PC nature of society that has resulted in his comments about bisexuality and AIDS causing outrage.

He added: “I think people are aggressive towards people who have ideas and different things they believe in. You can’t have a state where you can’t say this and you can’t say that.

“But we are very close to that and I think it’s rather frightening.

“It would be horrible if we’re not allowed to say what we think.”

“That’s more frightening than reality TV shows and you have to blame things like Twitter for that.”

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