Colbert Sells Henry Cavill on Idea of Adding Outside Underwear to Superman Costume (Video)

Plus: Cavill reminds Colbert that he was not a fan of his Man of Steel casting

“It was a bit of a hangover from Strongman of the ’20s, or something. And I thought that, actually, it had potential to work. I mean, maybe not exactly those ones,” Cavill said laughing.

“The Witcher” star added: “I really loved my suit, I thought it was pretty cool. However, if it were to happen again, I would definitely be open to the idea of adding the trunks in some way, shape or form.”

Cavill also took this sitdown opportunity — his first-ever interview with Colbert — to remind Colbert that the CBS late-night host was not initially a fan of Cavill’s casting.

“I got to tell you, it still freaks me out when I hear your accent,” Colbert said. “Because you’re so believably an American to me… You’re the most American of all! You’re Superman!”

“Thank you very much, I appreciate that. That wasn’t always your sentiment though, was it?” Cavill said, with a knowing smirk.

To his credit, Colbert admits to mocking it on “The Colbert Report,” recalling, “I believe I made fun of the fact you had been cast as Superman. And I said, ‘We want a Superman not a Smashing Gent.’”

Watch the first portion of their interview via the video above and see below for the second half, where Cavill teaches Colbert the trick to night swimming with sharks in Fiji.
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