Controversial GEB joke spectacularly backfires as BGT star mocks beach salesman

Good Evening Britain’s controversial joke about the Lord Sugar ‘racist’ tweet scandal spectacularly backfired tonight.

The host of the BBC show The Apprentice was embroiled in a race storm after comparing Senegal’s football heroes to ‘guys from the beach in Marbella’ on Twitter.

He referred to the players as ‘multi-tasking resourceful chaps’ – with social media users accusing him of being racist.

The tweet was accompanied by a picture of the team and an image of sunglasses and bags, similar to the products sold on beaches.

Britain’s Got Talent Comedian Daliso Chaponda, who was born in Zambia, tried to poke fun at the scandal by pretending to be a beach salesman.

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Gesturing to a towel on the floor, he said: "I just got back from Marbella beach and I sold half of my stock to some strangle old white man but there are a few left."

Presenter Piers Morgan seemed shocked by the gag and turned his head to the side.

While fellow guests including football manager Harry Redknapp and former MP Ed Balls looked disgusted by the misplaced joke.

BGT viewers will remember Daliso from 2017, where he won a place in the live shows as Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer act.

Later on in the show, Daliso gave his reaction to the Lord Sugar tweet scandal

He said: "I feel it’s my place to mock the absurd. I don’t understand why people get so angry over cosmetic racism like tweet."

Daliso added: "I wasn’t offended. I thought it was a bad joke. I look at it as an opportunity. Comedians whose job I want I get them dunk and try to push them a phone."

Taking to Twitter, one offended viewer said: "#GEB itv finds the whitest black people to represent the nation, who’s #uncletom is this? To have one of us joke about #systematic #racism makes our life harder."

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