Cool Stuff: Devin Schoeffler's New 'Star Wars' Trilogy Posters Feel Like Long-Lost VHS Artwork

Pretty much every week there’s a new piece of art dedicated to the Star Wars universe. This week, Bottleneck Gallery is releasing a new set of Star Wars trilogy posters from artist Devin Schoeffler. Actually, they’re re-releasing this set of prints, because ACME Archives was first to release them over the summer. But now a limited allocation of the artwork is arriving at Bottleneck, so you won’t want to wait to pick them up.

Devin Schoeffler’s Star Wars Trilogy Posters

Bottleneck Gallery says the pearlescent paper really helps the images pop when you see them in person. The composition reminds me of those classic VHS covers that featured the half-faces of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Yoda. These feel like modern interpretations, albeit with the faces swapped around and C-3PO stepping in for Yoda. But the placement of characters inside the other half of those faces truly completes the circle.

When speaking to about the posters, Schoeffler explained his creative process:

“For all of the pieces I use a variety of techniques to build out the final piece, including using 3D renders, hand-drawn elements, and photos all combined and unified digitally to give it cohesive feel. I hope fans like the mix of nostalgia with the more highly stylized graphic-design spin. I really wanted to make something that was a balance of retro and modern design elements that could work on their own or together as a series.”

You can pick up each of the Star Wars trilogy posters, which have a hand-numbered edition of 855, for $45 each at Bottleneck Gallery starting at 12:00 P.M ET on Thursday, November 12 (that’s today). You can also pick up the entire set for $125

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