Coronation Street: Daniel and Nicky's future explained after his betrayal

DANIEL Osbourne brutally betrayed Nicky Wheatley this week when she overheard him telling Kirk he’d never swap Sinead for a sex worker. 

And fans weren't so impressed when Daniel grew determined to "save" Nicky from her job. But do the pair still have a future? Here's the lowdown…

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How did Daniel betray Nicky in Corrie?

Emotional scenes on Monday night saw the pair sleep together after having a heart-to-heart.

But while Nicky seemed thrilled about taking the next step, Daniel was quick to tell Kirk he’d never replace Sinead with “some sex worker”

Devastated, Nicky confronted Daniel back at his flat and even asked for payment for the evening.

Wednesday night’s episodes of Corrie then saw Daniel book Nicky through the agency to get her to come to his flat so he could apologise. 

When she arrived in tears, Daniel told her that the sex wasn’t meaningless, before stating he wanted a proper relationship with her.

When Nicky said she never wanted to be a sex worker, Daniel promised to help her to quit her job and even said she, her mum and her daughter could move into his flat. 

But Nicky was overwhelmed and burst into tears, telling Daniel: “I don’t need your help and I don’t need saving.”

Do Nicky and Daniel have a future together in Corrie?

Coronation Street are yet to confirm what’s in store for the pair. 

And fans of the ITV soap are divided over whether they want Daniel and Nicky to make a go of things.

One viewer tweeted: "I really like Nicky and Daniel together."

Another added: "I really love Daniel and Nicky together #corrie."

But other fans have called Daniel patronising and possessive for wanting to "save" Nicky.

One viewer said: "Ah cannot stand blokes like Daniel. Treating Nicky like she's a helpless victim just cause she's a sex worker."

Another sceptical fan added: "Omg Daniel you are so possessive I don't like Daniel anymore. Leave Nicky alone Daniel she shags blokes for a living let her get on with her life #Corrie."

What has Kimberley Hart-Simpson said about Nicky and Daniel’s future?

Asked whether she sees a future for her character and Daniel, actress Kimberley Hart-Simpson told the Mirror: "Yeah I think she does, I think he really could be [her happy ever after], but they both have their own little journey to sort out first.

"I don't think either of them could commit to something right this second, until they take a moment to digest everything that is happening to them.

"The money presented to her could be life changing whether she takes it or not.

"There's definitely something there and I think you can see it, I think the viewers can start to see it."

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