Coronation Street fans convinced Sally will find Geoff’s hidden camera in the bin and expose his abuse – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Sally will find Geoff's hidden camera in the bin and expose his abuse.

Geoff was spotted dumping the footage after he got to it before the police could discover the damning evidence.

Viewers think not all hope is lost, as after deleting the footage Geoff dumped the camera device in Sally and Tim's bin.

One fan tweeted: "I think sally will find that camera he didn't hide that well #Corrie."

And another remarked: "All traces disposed of!Or will the camera Be accidentally found! #Corrie."

As one more wrote: "Right, someone get rooting in Sally and Tim's bin! #corrie."

The poisonous pensioner's daughter-in-law is set to throw him out of her house after she decides he can't be trusted.

Upcoming episodes will show Sally telling Tim's dad to sling his hook as the monster's mask begins to slip.

Geoff had been staying with his family after his time in hospital after being stabbed by wife Yasmeen following months of abuse on Coronation Street.

However, Sally admits she doesn't want him there as she spots various clues about his real character – finding out he's been using prostitutes.

Tim feels guilty about chucking him out, but breaks the news to his dad that he'll have to go – with the older man having to pack his bag and get out.

Sally's turning point comes this week when she finds out that Geoff used an escort agency while he was married to Yasmeen.

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally, recently explained: "Sally thinks that is really out of order and something that she never thought in a million years Geoff would do.

"It makes her realise that there is a lot to this man that she really doesn't know. She starts thinking about Tim's past and what happened when he was a little boy, and why he is supporting Geoff so much?"

Viewers have long suspected Sally holds the key to exposing father-in-law Geoff's web of lies after she began to finally see through his "nice guy" act.

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