Coronation Street fans think Pat Phelan is not really dead despite being zipped into body bag after being stabbed

Viewers saw the builder being zipped into a body bag after Anna Windass had got her revenge on the serial killer.

But with Phelan's recent return from the dead after being pushed off a pier fresh in their minds, understandably fans cast doubt on his fate.

One fan wrote: "This has been an incredible week @itvcorrie with so many revelations coming to a head and one almighty showdown! Phelan’s reign of terror is finally over… I hope??!!"

Another added: "Why do I feel like Pat isn’t dead…. like I have that feeling…. October 31st anyone?"

A third predicted:  "Ofc he’s not dead!! This is Phelan we’re talking about.. he’s practically the terminator ? #PhelansRevenge #Corrie."

A fourth tweeted: "Who wants to bet that Phelan is going to pop out from the body bag?"

Another joked: "I've got a Phelan he's still alive."

Phelan met his end after dramatic scenes where he barged into Michelle's wedding at the Bistro having shot his daughter Nicola Thorp.

As Ali and Rana battled to save an unconscious and bleeding Nicola, Phelan took Michelle hostage in the kitchen.

But the builder was unaware that his old nemesis Anna Windass was back in Weatherfield after getting out of prison.

Determined to get revenge on the man who framed her for attempted murder, Anna stabbed Phelan in the chest.

But poor old Michelle ended up getting shot after being caught in the crossfire and fell to the floor bleeding.


Aware that the game was up, Phelan pulled the knife from his chest.

A triumphant Anna told him: "I win" as Phelan told her he wanted to see her "go down for murder."

Back in March, Eileen Grimshaw was convinced she'd finished him off back in March after pushing him off the pier when she learned the details of his horrific crimes.

But fans were stunned when it was later revealed that Phelan had somehow survived the fall and would return to wreak revenge on Weatherfield.


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