Coronation Street hit by Ofcom complaints over racist security guard

Coronation Street is facing an Ofcom probe after receiving over 100 complaints around Grace Vickers ongoing storyline.

Last week fans of the soap watched as Grace, played by Kate Spencer, was grilled by a security guard who thought she was shoplifting.

It turned out she hadn't but the high stress situation ended up with her going into an early labour.

Ronnie then accused the security guard of racially profiling Grace.

Ofcom have now confirmed to Daily Star that 104 of Corrie's viewers were so angry about Ronnie's accusations that they contacted Ofcom.

Speaking to Ronnie in hospital, Grace said: "It’s like last time, did Michael tell you? It’s ten week’s early.

"I didn’t know what the guard was going to do or how best to protect the baby. I’m so ashamed. I’ve failed them already, haven’t I?"

Grace was later seen producing her receipt from her hospital bed to prove she had in fact not been shoplifting.

While the security guard made a trip to the hospital, when he got there his presence alone added more stress to Grace.

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The scene sparked a Twitter fury with many fans enraged about how Grace had been treated.

One viewer hit out: "I didn't know fresco employed racist security guards#Corrie."

Another added: "Grace suffering a racism attack. That's bang out of order #Corrie."

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "#Corrie once Grace has given birth she needs to ring a solicitor and Sue Freshcos."

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Recently opening up about the role, Kate told Inside Soap she hopes to be able to show a more softer side to Grace in the coming months.

Kate said: "I hope so, because they are seeing a different side to her now.

"The reason Grace did what she did with Tianna was because she was so broken and hurt after her miscarriage.

"Now she's pregnant again, the baby is her priority and I think that's definitely coming across, Grace isn't all bad!"

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