Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe attacks Alya Nazir after trying to find out information on Yasmeen's defence

GEOFF Metcalfe attacks Alya Nazir and accuses her of stealing his money next week in Coronation Street – after trying to find out information on Yasmeen’s defence. 

Geoff will storm into Adam’s office and demand information on Yasmeen’s case, but will be left kicking himself when he leaves an envelope of money behind. 

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Coronation Street fans were thrilled when Tim finally turned on his dad Geoff last week after watching footage of him abusing Yasmeen – and handed him into the police. 

Tim had been backing Geoff ever since his wife Yasmeen was arrested for his attempted murder, but had a change of heart after watching the harrowing video.

But it’s not all over yet as next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Geoff, who's been released by the police, rush into Adam’s office and ask for dirt on Yasmeen’s case.

But Daniel, who’s visiting Adam, looks at Geoff with contempt and can’t help but have a go at him for using vulnerable sex workers. 

Geoff storms out but leaves behind an envelope of money.

Later, Geoff returns looking for his missing envelope – but it’s nowhere to be seen. 

Meanwhile, Nicky is stunned when Daniel, who’s visiting him in hospital, hands her a huge envelope of cash. 

Will she take it?

Later, an angry Geoff rages at Alya in the middle of the street and accuses her of stealing his money as Daniel and Adam watch from afar.

Later, Adam questions Daniel about the envelope, but Daniel denies ever having seen it. 

Adam says he believes him, but warns that Geoff isn’t to be messed with.

Is Daniel biting off more than he can chew?

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