Coronation Street spoilers: Gina Seddon heartbroken as Dev Alahan dumps her

It kicks off when Dev, Jimmi Harkishin, discovers a burner phone hidden in a gutter at Sally and Tim Mecalfe’s home.

He’s trying to rescue son Aadi’s ball from the conservatory roof when he find the mobile.

Along with Sally, Tim, Gina and Tim’s dad Geoff, he looks at the phone and realises it’s the burner phone the police are looking for which fraudster Dunan Radfield is claiming Sally used to secretly contact him during their affair.

Sally is left shaken as she realises Duncan must have planted the phone to incriminate her.

Gina, played by actress Connie Hyde, thinks they should get rid of it but Geoff calls the police and hides the phone under a plant pot.

When they police arrive Tim and Sally take them to the phone but are horrified to realise it’s disappeared. What’s Gina done with it?

Later, Sally new brief Paula Cunliffe tells Tim and Sally that the burner phone does indeed match the burner phone the police were looking for and that Gina’s actions have made things worse.

Sally forgives her sister though, knowing that she was only doing what she though was for the best.

Paula, Sally and Gina reminisce over drinks at the Bistro and Sally in annoyed when Gina gets drunk and reveals to Paula that she Sally used to idolise her at school.

Gina continues to drink and the next day Dev is cool with her, embarrassed by her behaviour.

When Gina arrives dressed up for the golf club dinner Dev was planning on taking her to he devastates her by telling her they’re not going.

It dawns on Gina that Dev is ending things with her, but she’s touched by Tim’s support as he collects her things from Dev’s and tells her she is welcome to stay with him and Sally.

How will Sally feel though considering last time Gina lived with her she brought bailiffs and trouble to the door of No.4?

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