Coronation Street spoilers: Rita Tanner and Jenny Connor held at gunpoint by evil Sharon Bentley

RITA Tanner and Jenny Connor are held at gunpoint by evil Sharon Bentley next week in Coronation Street. 

Sharon’s link to drug dealer Harvey and involvement in Sam’s kidnapping will be exposed.

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Viewers will see Sharon quizzing Toyah about Leanne’s recent visit in an attempt to discover more about her whereabouts.  

Meanwhile, Natasha confronts Gary and accuses him of hiring the man with a van who kidnapped Sam.

Jenny is intrigued when she overhears that it was in fact Sharon who hired the van. 

When Jenny voices her suspicions to Ronnie, he tells her he overheard Sharon quizzing Toyah about Leanne. 

Jenny’s mind begins to race and she tells Toyah and Imran that she suspects Sharon was involved in Sam’s kidnapping.

When Imran reveals that Sam was kidnapped to draw Leanne out of hiding as she’s the key witness in the trial of a drugs lord called Harvey, Jenny is stunned.

Jenny bangs on Rita’s door and vows to tell her the truth, but she’s unsettled when Sharon appears.

Meanwhile, Imran tells Ronnie and Gary that he’s reported Sharon to the police as she seems to be connected to a drugs gang. 

Rita returns to find Sharon preparing to do a runner.

Rita demands answers but are her and Jenny in danger?

Sharon pulls out a sob story, teling Rita that when her relationship with Ian crumbled, she was forced to join forces with her drug dealing brother. 

Meanwhile, Maria hears from Imran that Sharon helped orchestrate Sam’s kidnapping and goes to check on Rita.

Elsewhere, Gary spots the same van that was used in the kidnap outside the Kabin, and orders Rita to call the police as he charges inside.

Disaster strikes, however, when the driver pulls out a gun. 

As Maria checks on Rita, she suddenly hears a gunshot in the distance.

Who’s been shot?

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