Coronation Street theory: Toyah betrays Imran to share custody of Alfie with Abi

Coronation Street teases upcoming week of chaos on cobbles

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The last couple of weeks have been stressful for Toyah (played by Georgia Taylor) as she and Imran (Charlie De Melo) adjust to life as a married couple with a newborn baby. Whilst she is still unaware of the lies Imran told the police, he and Abi (Sally Carman) are still battling it out to fight for sole custody of their son, who was a result of a one night stand. With Imran set to leave the cobbles in upcoming scenes, Toyah will have a big decision to make about how involved she wishes to be in Abi’s life.

The recent soap trailer sees Imran and Abi’s world spinning out of control as they begin to find drama around every corner.

In scenes to come, Toyah is set to find out the truth about Imran and how he has been pulling the strings regarding the custody case.

Over the last couple of weeks, Toyah has been forthcoming towards Abi and even let her take the baby out on her own for a walk.

This didn’t sit well with Imran and led to him storming off to find her and remind her who was in control.

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What the pair don’t know is that Abi is planning on kidnapping Alfie and going on the run to Costa Rica with fake passports.

However, if Toyah finds out the truth about what Iman has been doing behind her back and manipulating the case, will she side with Abi?

Could Toyah and Abi team up and take control of the custody hearing, agreeing to co-parent together for the baby’s sake?

Speaking to and other press, Georgia touched on how Toyah is feeling and said: “I think for Toyah some sort of shared custody would be the perfect outcome.

“She very much still wants to be a part of Alfie’s life, as his stepmum, there to support Imran but wouldn’t have the guilt of essentially feeling like she has taken a baby away from its mother, which is what she is battling at the moment.

“Also, I think it is difficult because Imran is quite single-minded, he is very much, ‘No Alfie is better off with us, and she can’t be trusted’ so even Toyah and Imran aren’t coming from the same place.

“She is even having to navigate through that at home and the fact that they are coming from different sides on this, and there is tension between them because of that.”

Will Toyah have the heart to betray her husband and join forces with the woman who put them in this position in the first place?

The big week for the trio is looming, and official soap spoilers read: “As the fight for custody of baby Alfie intensifies, the pressure is building on both Abi and Imran.

“Abi’s determined to clear her name and prove that Imran bribed Ben to lie in court. But feeling the whole world is against her, Abi decides that her only chance to be with her son is to flee the country with him.

“Unbeknownst to Imran, Abi sets about making plans to kidnap Alfie and escape abroad. But at the same time, Imran is having a crisis of conscience, driven by the fact that Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) is holding a mirror to his behaviour, and he doesn’t like the man he’s become.

“Aware he’s destroying Abi and unable to bear the guilt anymore, Imran makes the decision to come clean to both the court and Toyah. But with Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) behind Abi and Toyah starting to unravel Imran’s lies for herself, will it be too late?

“This dramatic week of episodes starts with a flashforward of Imran leaving a chilling message for Toyah in which he reveals everything.

“As we move back and forth, the action centres around a horrific car crash which leaves both Toyah and Imran lying unconscious in the wreckage.

“With emotions boiling over, the stakes are at their highest as Abi, Kevin, Imran, and Toyah go head to head.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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