Coronation Street’s Adam in affair bombshell, split fears and devastating exit

Coronation Street's Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) finds himself in hot water with wife Sarah (Tina O'Brien) next week as evil Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) ramps up her hate campaign against her former flame.

Lydia lies to Sarah in upcoming scenes telling her she tried to finish her fling with a married man but he refuses to accept it’s over.

Sarah tells Adam about Lydia’s married man and how she feels sorry for her as he won’t leave her alone.

Lydia turns on the waterworks in front of Sean Tulles (Antony Cotton) and makes out it’s man trouble. Sean offers to have a word with Sarah.

Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) shows Adam a series of online reviews, slating him as a solicitor.

Sarah tells Lydia about the online abuse Adam’s being subjected to.

Lydia makes out to Sarah that her ex won’t stop hounding her with texts.

Outside Victoria Court, Sarah and Adam row over Lydia. Lydia listens, intrigued.

Later in the week, Sarah answers Adam’s phone to Sasha from the hotel informing her that they’ve found the ladies’ watch from his last visit.

In the factory, Lydia makes out that she spent the night with her married ex.

Sarah tells Lydia about the ladies’ watch and goes on to search through Adam’s receipts.

She finds one from an expensive lingerie shop in London.

Sarah calls the hotel and queries Adam’s bill and the receptionist confirms that he ordered Champagne and oysters.

Sarah confronts Lydia and the latter feigns tears and admits that she and Adam are having an affair.

Lydia makes out that she and Adam just couldn’t resist each other and suddenly they’re interrupted by the arrival of the man himself.

Adam assures Sarah that Lydia’s lying through her teeth but when Sarah shows him the receipts, will she believe him?

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Linda calls at No.5 and offers to pay for Joseph to attend the activity club.

As an excited Joseph heads off with Granny Linda, Bernie confides in Gemma that she doesn’t like Linda.

Nanny Linda returns home with Joseph to be greeted by Bernie who explains that two of the quads are ill.

When Linda suggests Joseph can stay with her at her swanky hotel, Joseph’s thrilled.

Linda tentatively suggests to Chesney that it’s clear they’re struggling and it might be best if Joseph came to live with her in Portugal.

Will the youngster leave his family for a new life in the sunshine with his grandmother?

Also, Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) admits to pal Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) that she's slep with someone behind Kevin Webster's (Michael Le Vell's) back.

While Kevin and Jack show Alex around the rented camper van, Abi begs Sally not to tell Kevin about her infidelity but Sally refuses to make any promises.

With the adoption hearing about to start, Abi calls Sally and leaves a message, begging her not to tell Kevin and to give her one last chance of happiness.

The social worker gives Abi a glowing report, but when the Judge rules that they’ll reconvene next month, Kevin and Abi are disappointed.

In the factory, Sally listens to Abi’s message. Abi takes a call from Sally, unaware that her phone is connected to the bluetooth speaker in the camper van.

Having heard their conversation. Kevin reels in shock and roars off down the street.

Imran later quizzes Abi wanting to know how much she’s told Kevin but as Toyah approaches, Imran and Abi freeze.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV

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