Coronation Street's Georgia Taylor hints at a sad ending for Toyah Battersby's baby plot

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has hinted that the soap’s baby deal storyline won’t have a happy ending.

The actress’s character Toyah Battersby believes all of her dreams have come true next week, as Eva Price hands over her newborn daughter as planned.

Over the past few months, viewers have seen the pair come up with a plan to pass off Eva’s baby as the one that Toyah and Peter’s surrogate mum Jacqui was carrying for them. Jacqui tragically suffered a miscarriage in January, unbeknown to Peter.

Next week, Peter still has no idea that anything is amiss when Toyah arrives home at the Rovers Return with “their” baby for the first time. But how long can that really remain the case?

Speaking about the storyline, Georgia explained: “This plan is so crazy and doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to work, but once they have started it, there’s never really a good time to back out.

“They’ve gone too far and they get in too deep. If this did work, it would be perfect for everyone, but of course, this is soap.

“When Toyah returns to The Rovers, she comes up with a plan to cover her back. It is far-fetched and there’s a chance that Peter is not going to buy it, but he is so overwhelmed that he almost doesn’t have time to think or to question it, so he just goes along with it.

“Toyah turns up at The Rovers with baby Susie and there is jubilation and she thinks that it is all going to be fine. She is completely overwhelmed with love and she is in a bubble. Everyone is so thrilled for them. Ken is delighted and is one of the first people over to congratulate them and see the baby.

“There is also a really powerful moment when Peter picks up what he believes to be his child for the first time. Toyah sees the love in his eyes and at that moment she absolutely believes that she has made the right decision for the right reasons.”

However, Georgia added: “What we are creating is a sense of foreboding so that the audience knows that things are going to go wrong before the characters do.

“We are telling a story that is almost unbelievable but does come out of the emotion that is someone being desperate for a baby. Toyah’s house of cards is going to collapse before she can see it and that’s part of the drama, waiting for that house of cards to collapse.”

Coronation Street airs Toyah’s homecoming with the baby on Friday, May 4 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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